Why red face after drinking alcohol?

By Admin | Health Recipes
13 June 2016

Many people, having used anything alcoholic, suffer from the fact that the face begins to redden.It does not depend on how much a person drinks or uses it.

doctors identify core problems of skin redness:

  1. skin reaction to alcohol intake.Alcohol stimulates the blood vessels adjacent close to the surface, they expand and become more visible.The skin has an overall view of the red-faced.If redness causes discomfort and discomfort, it is possible that in the body there is a lack of the enzyme ALDH2, which digested alcohol.If you know of such a reaction in your body, is checked by a doctor on the enzymes because their absence or deficiency can cause the development of cancer.
  2. allergic to alcohol.Most often this symptom manifests itself in people suffering from any kind of allergies.The manifestations may be different - from simple redness to the skin itching, facial swelling, difficulty breathing.There may be red spots not only on the face, but also throughout the body.Basically allergy manifested due t
    o poor alcohol, as well as due to chemical additives.The most common reaction is manifested in the use of colored alcoholic beverages - such as wine, cocktails and liqueurs.
  3. Alcoholism - the face of such patients is different from a simple redness.Due to the excessive use of alcohol vessels and capillaries are constantly expanded state, with the result that they lose their elasticity, and can not recover from high burst pressure.Alcoholism causes withdrawal from the body of vitamins and minerals.Lack of nutrients leads to aging, the appearance of wrinkles.Lack of vitamin E and collagen is the reason why the skin becomes unable to regenerate.

Causes redness lot.In the best case you are allergic to dyes, and at worst - chronic alcoholism.In any case, if redness occurs each time, contact your doctor.If such a reaction occurs not always, there are cosmetics that can help.To start rinse your face with cold water.Then you can clean the skin vasoconstrictor aloe juice applied to the skin or nasal drops (also have a vasoconstrictor property).

If you notice that after drinking you blushing face, think about whether you drink at all.