Ear pain when chewing

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13 June 2016

Quite often we are faced with such a problem, as the pain in the ear when chewing.The causes of this condition can be mass, but the most common doctors, nevertheless, called otitis media.

Sinister otitis

ear disease is an inflammatory nature, which may occur as a result of diseases of the nasopharynx - rhinitis, sore throat and many others.As a rule, these illnesses are accompanied by a runny nose.When the disease is in the acute phase, the channel that connects the ear to the nasopharynx, begins to swell and block.As a result, in the ear begins to concentrate liquid then appear pain and abscesses.

otitis The main symptom is pain, which increases during chewing and other jaw movements.Often at the same time there is the maturation of boils.

depending on the stage of the disease may worsen hearing, and the body temperature to rise.Sometimes when yawning and swallowing, patients reported that the pain becomes less noticeable.This is due to the fact that, in the physiological processes of pressure wi

thin the ear drops, and the auditory canal slightly increases.

In the acute stage of otitis media patients feel that pain becomes stronger, hearing declines further.In turn raises the temperature.If time does not begin treatment soon discharge from the ear become purulent and acquire advanced forms of the disease.

We treat otitis media correctly

Usually otitis appointed two kinds of procedures - ear drops and compresses.

To prepare compresses can use a variety of available tools - vodka, rye bread and salt.The most effective to use the last ingredient.For this seasoning is heated in a pan, then pour in a cloth bag.At the touch of mass should be pleasantly warm temperatures.The bag is applied to the site of inflammation, and are about half an hour.

as drops can be used and finished medicines and traditional medicine.Excellent help with otitis fresh beet juice, mixed in equal proportions with the liquid honey.The resulting solution should drip into both ears.Similar manipulations can be performed with saline solution.

Experts, nevertheless, do not recommend self-medicate and when the first symptoms of the disease immediately seek competent medical advice to Laura.