Persimmon gastritis

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13 June 2016

Persimmon as the tree itself and its fruits since ancient times was considered nutritious and useful plants.Some even attributed her healing powers, explaining it is rich in vitamins and mineral composition.For example, it includes protein, glucose, starch, fructose, beta-carotene, manganese, iron, copper, potassium and, of course, tannins.But in spite of such a wide range of nutrients, medicine is still controversial relates to its use in diseases such as gastritis.

Persimmon prohibited with erosive gastritis acute

root cause of such categorical doctors can be considered the tartness of the fruit.Due to the tannins and tannic substances a person suffering from acute gastritis may experience severe cramping pain and burning in the epigastric region.In addition, the persimmon has a great effect on the stomach and reduce its secretory and motor functions.If a healthy body such deviations will not result in serious disruption of the body, then in acute erosive gastritis such oversight would lead to unb

earable consequences.

Persimmon in gastritis with high acidity

Many people know that the bad one, a good friend.This is shown by studies on the effect of persimmon for people with gastritis acidity.So, returning to the chemical composition of the fruit, it is noted for its low acidity not exceeding 0.2%.Therefore, in this case the fruit is not only not harm a person, but also boost his immune system, fighting bactericidal foci of infection.

Chronic gastritis or stage of remission

such thing as gastritis is not a form of a particular disease.It is only the concept of combining the many infections that destroy the gastric mucosa.The differences between them lie in the origin of inflammatory and degenerative changes, as well as the current specificity of each individual form of gastritis.But there is between them and the link - "Helicobacter paylori┬╗ (Helicobacter pylori).It is this bacterium is the root cause of the formation of ulcers in the mucosa.

believed that if included in the diet of the patient fruit fruit tree, persimmon will help to suppress harmful bacteria.It subsequently will prevent chronic gastritis.Does not preclude the use of fresh fruits and disease is in remission.

Some risks still present.Therefore, if you feel pain in the stomach after eaten a persimmon, the next time it is not necessary to risk their own health.Renounce her forever.