Numb pinky on his right hand

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12 June 2016

Numbness - a partial or complete loss of sensation in the limbs, which occurs in most cases, just as suddenly as the passes.This phenomenon is not very pleasant, because numb hand or foot for an indefinite period are non-working.At the same time to determine the cause of numbness alone is almost impossible, that only adds to the suspicion.What is it - the reaction of the body, which will soon be the first symptom or developing a serious illness?Increasingly, doctors treated patients with similar questions and complaints of numbness.Let's try to find out the causes of this phenomenon and determine how to get rid of them once and for all.

reasons numb little fingers

reasons numb little fingers are many - from the simple, arising due to the physical effects, to the most complex, which are signs of serious ailments.This is always worth remembering that the numbness of the right and left hands can characterize different types of diseases in the body.For example, with numbness of the little finger of the

left hand should immediately contact a cardiologist because such a symptom indicates failure in the cardiovascular system.But what says numb right hand little finger?

most common causes numbness in the little finger of the right are:

  • long physical impact.Very often, numbness takes place on the grounds that the little finger for a long time having a material impact - pressure, squeezing, etc... In this case, the longer the finger was under great pressure, the slower will be restored nerve damage (from a few hours to a week).
  • elbow / carpal neuropathy.Another common cause of numbness of the right little finger, inherent, usually right-handed.The fact that such people are constantly having on the right hand of the maximum load, bending and straightening brush, and joints without giving even the 5-minute time relaxing.As a result of overloading these ulnar nerve can not withstand and partial or complete his defeat.As a consequence - the right hand or completely taken away or at the end of the day only a little finger goes numb.
  • osteochondrosis.The reason, familiar to most seniors.When this disease occurs inflammation cervical spine, which leads to not only separate numbness of fingers, but also both hands.Identify at osteochondrosis is quite simple - it is accompanied by numbness in the acute pain and increased sensitivity to sudden changes in temperature (especially cold).

How to get rid of the numbness of the right little finger?

As you can see, the causes of sudden numbness a lot, which may create some difficulties in determining the treatment.Just do not panic, because if the reason is revealed is true, then the treatment will follow immediately.

  1. If numbness of the right little finger is associated with prolonged physical exertion, because of which the finger squeezes, hit or injured, the resort to drug treatments are not necessary.The sensitivity of the return of the little finger itself without intervention.The most important thing to remember about the cause numbness and reduce the amount of physical activity on his hands.
  2. the same advice should be given and the right-handed, numbness which is a result of excessive exercise on the right hand.At the same time restore the damaged ulnar nerve and help anti-inflammatory painkillers, as well as various kinds of massages.
  3. most difficult to have people suffering from osteochondrosis.Without the help of a specialist can not do here, so the numbness of the right little finger should immediately undergo a CT scan.According to its results the doctor will determine the course of treatment, the need for appointing physiotherapy, exercise therapy, massage and medication.

In any case, in order to determine the cause of numbness in the little finger of the right to determine the method of treatment should be made to, and not act on their own.Be healthy!