Chocolate for patients with diabetes

By Admin | Health Recipes
12 June 2016

Diabetes can not be neglected.It is a disease requiring mandatory dieting, exclude or limit foods that contain mostly fats and sugar.Particularly problematic for many patients rejection of the sweet, because in the list of products approved for use in diabetes, no sweets, and chocolate is classified as prohibited.And yet, is it possible to eat chocolate in diabetes?

To answer this question, we first need to understand the composition of this tasty delicacy.

components for the manufacture of chocolate and cocoa butter required cocoa powder produced from the processing of cocoa beans, to which is added sugar and flavoring ingredients are different.


  • classic (it has 35-60% of the products of cocoa beans);
  • white - without the addition of cocoa powder;
  • black (has more than 60% cocoa).

most useful of all kinds - dark chocolate.

For diabetics in the manufacture of this product using sugar substitutes.

Ā«Against" and "ForĀ»

Because chocolate contains enough as sugar and fat, its use

even a healthy person can play a role in causing diabetes.And what can we say about the patient already having the disease.But is it really?

received a sentence of diabetes, the patient immediately begins to look for ways of treatment, including the consumption of certain foods, supposedly reducing sugar.However, experts in this field believe that none exist.In fact, there are carbohydrate foods whose consumption does not increase blood sugar, namely having an average or low glycemic index.

According to the list of products M. Montignac, to products and products having an average glycemic index include:

  • cocoa butter (no sugar) - 40 units .;
  • bars of chocolate (without sugar) - 45 units.

have a low glycemic index:

  • dark chocolate (which has more than 70% cocoa) - 25 units .;
  • cocoa powder (without sugar) - 20 units .;
  • dark chocolate (containing more than 85% cocoa) - 20 units.

So examining this issue, it is safe to say that at a diabetes eating chocolate can be, but it was black.With a low glycemic index favorite delicacy pancreas will experience a moderate load, which will give her the opportunity to develop itself a certain amount of insulin.