Chocolate for gastritis

By Admin | Health Recipes
12 June 2016

Often people suffering from gastritis, asking for the inclusion of chocolate in your diet, because no matter how you treat him, sometimes so difficult to give up one tile of sweet pleasure.It gives energy and cheerful mood, improves brain activity, allowing, if necessary, react quickly in a difficult situation.And for those who suffered the bad news?What will happen to them without chocolate goodies?But our medicine is relentless - and that's impossible.

What is the reason for such categorical?

All because of the presence of harmful additives included in the chocolate.Since themselves cocoa beans are very palatable, producers diluted their bitterness with sugar and flavorings, fat attached by milk and roasted nuts, what can we say about the colors and preservatives.

In addition, due to the high content of vegetable fats it is hard (hard to digest) food for stomach inflammation and flagging.Therefore chocolate bar causes the person with gastritis, nagging pain, heartburn, belching with an unpleasant

odor immediately after eating sweets.

Getting the food environment, harmful additives and vegetable fats activate fermentation organism.Isolation of hydrochloric acid is the most terrible foe gastritis.Even a small quantity can cause a burning sensation and discomfort in the stomach by raising the pH in the latter.

Well, maybe like

World experience of people suffering from gastritis, showed that not every chocolate is a threat to the inflamed stomach.For example, some argue that bitter varieties of goodies out of the low content of sugar and oils, as well as the absence of contaminants (preservatives, nuts, raisins, etc.) may be present in the kitchen of the patient.But the problem is that on the shelves in our time natural and high-quality chocolate is almost not found.If this occurs and the prices it is not too attractive to consumers.

Supporters white chocolate destroy an idea of ​​dark bitter varieties, referring to the alkaloid caffeine, which irritates the already ruined the gastric mucosa.I do not recommend it and milk chocolate because of its high fat content and the amount of sugar, which is not the white varieties of delicacies.

Practice shows that if you can not replace the desire and the sweetness of your favorite, then treat yourself occasionally a small piece of chocolate may be the favorite, but only if it is then you will not worsening gastritis!If once you have experienced this, order himself to forget about chocolate in all its form.Do not force your stomach.