Triad of parasites

By Admin | Health Recipes
12 June 2016

Medical naturolog Hilda Clark after much research suggested that mankind has used three types of plants that are capable of destroying a large number of parasites and bacteria in the human body.These plants became walnuts, cloves and wormwood.This triad of parasites to date has helped many to get rid of parasites, not only, but also to get rid of a large number of chronic diseases, which arise as a result of vital activity of alien organisms in our body.

used this tool in this form.It is a concentrated tincture of black walnut immature skin and is taken from the powder of cloves and wormwood herb.Thanks to the complex reception of these three components in the human body not only the parasites are killed, but also their larvae and eggs.Furthermore, by this triad can eliminate pathogenic microorganisms and fungi.It is important to understand that the treatment you need to take these components according to a strictly defined schedule, and then for preventing lifelong weekly infusions receive data.

If necessary, the treatment can always be repeated, depending on the complexity of the disease.To get a perfect result, you will need to treat all of your family and pets.Dr. Clark has always strongly recommended to get rid of the animals in the event that a person has a serious chronic disease.To re not infected with these parasites, you must not only comply with the rules of hygiene, but also to monitor their diet, because eating undercooked meat, canned food and other products may cause recurrent disease.

How to prepare components for Triad?

Tincture of walnut is very simple.It should take 15 shells immature skin from black walnut, cut them, and pour 500 ml of alcohol.The resulting mixture should be placed in the sun and let it brew for a month.After this infusion was placed in a dark room.Take this tincture will have 5 or 10 drops, diluting 50 or 100 grams of water.

Now wormwood, which is known for its many healing properties.To prepare the powder should be taken ripened plant.It is advisable to use fruit in the form of beads.You can also use the leaves.Wormwood must be dried and ground to a powder.Then this powder have to be taken in an amount of 200 to 300 mg per once.

The third component is a stud.Each of us knows that the seeds that you can buy at any grocery store.These seeds need to crush and take in the form of powder.One-time dose is 500 mg, it is somewhere around the size of a pea.It should be noted that it is necessary to take cloves, constantly increasing doses.On the first day it is necessary to take a dose, the second - is two, and from the third and tenth day should be taken cloves three times a day.Use powder pinks needed before a meal.At the end of the course on for years should be taken once a week as soon as three doses.It is prevention.