Sore ankle while walking

By Admin | Health Recipes
12 June 2016

Leg pain - not a pleasant feeling.It is forcing people to move to a sedentary lifestyle and give up long walks on foot.This pain varies by location and degree of difficulty are not always bringing us the inconvenience.However, immediately the question arises, what is its cause and whether or not to panic because of the first drawing in the ankle?On these and many other questions will be answered, our today's article.

Symptoms of pain or why we feel uncomfortable

order to begin treatment ankle, you need to understand the causes of pain.Typically, a lot of them, making it difficult to identify, particularly if a person feels discomfort in the ankle for the first time.Here are the most common ones:

  1. Continuous load.Typically, at constant physical exertion and walking long distances, our muscles are subjected to a lot of pressure.As a result, at the end of a hard day, a man who had literally "on his feet", he can feel the gentle nagging pain in the ankle while walking.
  2. appearance of tendinitis / burs
    itis.There are in most cases after a long exercise and manifest themselves by inflammation of the muscles and Achilles tendon.Diseases are serious and require immediate medical attention, as can be in danger of inflammation of the leg muscles.
  3. injuries and fractures.The most common cause of pain in the ankle.In the first 6 weeks to discern injury on x-ray it is rather difficult because the pain can cause both millimeter crack and complete dislocation of the foot.As a rule, this kind of injury due to the formation of active sports, or long exercise.When partial dislocations and ankle injuries to other muscles and tissues produced a lot of pressure, thereby increasing the likelihood of a serious inflammation.
  4. uncomfortable shoes.Because some manufacturers of shoes very often disregard the rules of manufacturing, in stores, you can often buy poor quality and not very comfortable shoe model.The decrease in the price for it completely overshadows the mind of the buyer, who begins to act on the principle of "cheap - so good!".In most cases these sales fans are hoping that the shoes will stretch with time and will sit on the leg.But not a month or two of this effect does not occur.Rather, all the time a person is forced to expose their sinews large and unnecessary stress, thus causing sprains, strains and other injuries.

How to get rid of the pain: treatment

defined the cause of pain in the ankle, can already count their own strength and to begin treatment, either alone or with the help of a specialist.

first define the treatment of so-called light pain in the ankle, the causes of which are physical activity and incorrectly matched shoes.As for exercise, then all is simple - try to alternate rest and work to leg muscles are not much wear and were a constant voltage.Even for people who are used to physical activity, it can have a negative impact on health.In the case of buying new shoes should carefully measure it by determining the convenience of not less than 10 minutes.This is best to choose a model with arch supports designed specifically for certain purposes (sports, hiking, etc.. D.).

If the cause of the pain in the ankle during walking is much more serious (sprain, bruise or fracture), there should immediately contact a specialist.After determining on x-ray causes pain, he will prescribe the most appropriate treatment and medication.Most importantly - do not suffer pain, because she may be the first symptom of a serious disease of the muscles and tendons!Be healthy!