Diet for liver enlargement

By Admin | Health Recipes
12 June 2016

If the liver has a serious problem, to restore its functions and normalization of biliary excretion and bile is necessary not only adequate treatment properly matched drugs, but also respect for the individual diet.

This does not mean that the food should be delicious, diet foods can be cooked in different ways, the main thing that the food was easily digestible.It is necessary, first of all, because in this condition there is no appetite.

diet by increasing the liver consists of easily digestible protein, vitamins, minerals, fiber.Most importantly, no fats in the diet.Vegetable fats can eat a little bit, but animal fats contribute to enhance the secretion of digestive juices.The best diet for an enlarged liver - it is a diet number 5 Pevsner.It consists of five meals every three hours.

If the liver is enlarged, it is recommended to use honey, jam, marmalade candies, dairy products, cereals, pasta, lean fish, vegetables, fruit, sauerkraut.

impose restrictions on the consumption of butter, eggs, che

ese, smoked sausage, tomatoes.

strictly forbidden to eat alcoholic beverages, fried and pickled foods, liver, tomato juice, any nuts, onions, seasonings, sauces, mayonnaise, smoked, fat, legumes, and even ice cream.When inflammation of the liver banned pork, goose, lamb.Coca-cola and similar drinks - terrible poison an already sick liver.

Even if compliance with all recommendations of the doctor and the complex treatment without dieting to achieve positive results and long-term remission is impossible.Only carefully selected diet specialists are able to restore function inflamed vital organ.

described above for a diet can not be definitive, because after the diagnosis of the attending physician can detect any peculiarities and something to complement the food, but something clean.When inflammation of the liver is useful broth hips, excessive drinking, lack of stress, deep sleep.

longer the diet, the greater the liver recovers.In some cases, the observed diet life, it depends on its state and inflammation.