Vomiting blood after drinking alcohol

By Admin | Health Recipes
12 June 2016

Have you ever thought about why our body after drinking alcohol contents of the stomach pushes out?And yet, the reasons for such behavior, there are many.For example, with significant alcohol intoxication occurs through vomit inner purification of noxious substances accumulated in the stomach.After a series of "urges" the human condition, if not completely normal, at least in part, reducing the hangover.

As relates to the fact that vomiting after drinking alcohol contains blood?The answer will always be one - call an ambulance!In the meantime, the team will be traveling to your destination, take steps first aid and try to find out the reasons for this phenomenon.

While ambulance en route

  1. feed artificially induce vomiting, otpaivat medication and leave a patient in any case should not be.
  2. to the body alone struggled with intoxication and bleeding, watch for the amount you drink clean water.You can use activated carbon.
  3. Keep the patient under a blanket, and periodically turn it from one side to th
    e other, to avoid congestion.
  4. Keep up pressure and pulse rates.

What causes vomiting blood after drinking alcohol?

Most doctors have concluded four options for possible internal bleeding, a witness whom you have become.This usually occurs because of mechanical disturbances mucosal integrity.In medicine, this phenomenon is called Mallory-Weiss syndrome.Due to the surge during vomiting occur in the walls of the stomach tears and cracks.By the way, to become a victim of this disease may be due to a dry cough or severe hiccups, for example.

often vomit with the presence of blood indicate internal bleeding neck or in the area of ​​the esophagus.This phenomenon is referred to as varices and internal organs mucosal blood vessels when for any reason burst.At the same shade of scarlet blood will talk about her transience and brevity.In itself it is not dangerous, but it deserves the attention of specialists.But the dark color - it is a cause for concern.How much stretch is bleeding it is impossible to say.So run to your nearest medical center in order to, as they say, solve the crime hot on the trail.

should think a hundred times before.than to take up the glass of those who suffer from peptic ulcer and cirrhosis of the liver.In the first case a serious threat to the life of a man is not hovering, the disease is at last can be decisive point in your fate.Therefore, the presence of vomiting blood in combination with the aforementioned diseases and alcohol should be taken by you as a signal for help!