Numb index finger left or right hand

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12 June 2016

usually due to inconvenient location limbs going numb fingers.This leads to disruption of blood circulation and compressed nerves.In the end, the person experiences paresthesia hand, better known as numbness.But if the symptom reminds himself more often than usual, the problem is more serious than it seems.

numb left index finger

Doctors have concluded that each of the fingers of a single hand is able to talk about the specific diseases of life.In particular, the left index finger, according to doctors, points to heart and vascular diseases.Paresthesia in this case is more common in smokers.And no wonder, because nicotine is disadvantageous way affects the function of the heart muscle, while narrowing the vessels.

There is another opinion on his left hand, which is on the index finger was numb.If a par with him kosteneet thumb, there is pain and weakness in the area of ​​the forearm, indicating problems in the cervical vertebrae.Most likely, there was a pinched nerve and a cervical intervertebral d


numb right index finger

In the case of the right index finger reason lies in the elbow or right shoulder.Also, in some cases, these symptoms become warning osteochondrosis as a chest portion and a neck.Such problems are more common in people whose sphere of activity is more related to an office chair, for instance, that is, those who have jobs and all of life as a whole is held in a sitting position.

If paresthesia of the right index finger is accompanied by heaviness in the arm or pain during movement of the wrist (flexion - extension), and there is a nagging pain in the shoulder, do not put off a visit to the doctor on the back burner.These symptoms point to an active stage of development of osteochondrosis.

What can help numb index finger?

Review radically your lifestyle first.Stay active.Even a 15-minute charge in the morning can reduce the risk of paresthesia.People with addictions should be, if not completely abandon them, or at least reduce the number of receptions.

In the case of "sedentary" work (whether the driver or the concierge in a hostel) should arrange a warm-up (massage) to their end.If the numbness is caused by diseases of the spine, discuss with Dr. complex activities that can make a difference and improve your health.