Pain in the lower leg while running

By Admin | Health Recipes
12 June 2016

Shin - is part of a limb extending from the knee to the foot.Almost all tissues of the lower leg are pain receptors.Sometimes, when running in the tibia there is a sharp pain.Among its main symptoms include unpleasant sensation localized in the lower part of the knee (the outer side of the legs).After exercise pain may subside.If while running the pain worse, you should sit down.

Among the main causes of pain in the lower leg while running include any damage to the meniscus or ligament tear.Excessive stress during running is the most common cause of pain.The fact is that during the run occurs load region tibia wearing repeated or prolonged.

Pain usually depends on what muscle group accounted for the highest voltage.If the main burden falls on the front of a group of muscles, the pain is localized in the anterolateral aspect of the knee.The main sign of this pain may be called unpleasant painful sensations that occur in the front and outer area of ​​the lower leg.

In the first minutes of pain occur o

nly during those periods when the heel contacts the ground while running.Pursuing this kind of exercise, it should be remembered that the running - it is a risky sport that may result in injury (as provided for serious load on the legs).

special shoes to protect their feet would allow the possible occurrence of pain.This allows us to reduce the appearance of shoes negative consequences while running to a minimum.It is not necessary to run on conventional asphalt, since the risk faced with pain in the lower leg increases.Jogging is recommended for areas with special rubber tracks.Usually you can find them in the stadium.If these paths are missing, it is desirable to run on a dirt road.

pain that arose while running in the lower leg, it may take a short time after the rest.At the same time, though, it is better to see a specialist, who will inspect his feet.Until such time as the pain will not go away completely, it is not recommended to continue jogging.

order for the next time to prevent the onset of pain in the lower leg while running a set of exercises to be performed, the main task of which is to stretch and strengthen the muscles.Circular motion to press thumbs should rub the calf muscles.Before you run them be sure to warm up.In order to do this you need to take a hot shower, or pour water tibia feet high temperatures.

When the pain in the lower leg while running no harm will be done with any massage oil (the best option - lavender oil).This session will allow to soothe pain, relax muscles, the legs will be much easier.These measures should be carried out as a prophylactic, but not curative.If necessary, the doctor himself will appoint the appropriate treatment.