Can the honey for gastritis?

By Admin | Health Recipes
12 June 2016

gastritis disease characterized by inflammation of the stomach lining.This is a very common ailment.In a recession, he reminds himself severe pain and cutting contractions.To remission lasted for as long as possible, it is important to know what foods can be eaten and what can not.In this case we are talking about honey.

bee products (honey) - this is the perfect food, only positively affects the human body, if not allergic to this product.The honey many nutrients.Choose the best variety of honey is difficult because a lot of them, and each has its own consumer.Gastritis definitely needs some honey, because it has not only medical, but also a strengthening effect.

Any honey is useful for gastritis within reason, of course.But there are varieties that are specifically designed for the treatment of gastritis.By the beneficial agent is brown heather honey and lime.

Med gastritis can also because the product cures bee disease, normalize the gastric flora, restores the intestinal mucosa.It is very import

ant at higher gastritis.Good tool - potato juice and honey in a ratio of 0.5 and 0.5 cups of juice a teaspoon of honey.Lower bouts of gastritis fashionable this means ten days.

The most important recommendation of all gastroenterologists and traditional healers - the treatment of gastritis with fresh honey.Med useful in any acidity.Honey affects the mucous membrane of the gastrointestinal juice and restores the process of digestion.This is due to a complex chemical composition, a huge amount of vitamins, enzymes, minerals, acids, sugars and natural antibiotics.

If honey to eat before a meal, it will provoke excessive secretion of gastric juice.If honey to eat in between meals, it inhibits the secretion of gastric juice.

Gastritis advised to take honey three times a day, the daily rate shall not exceed 150 grams.Honey can be eaten such as it is, it can be diluted in warm water.

treat gastritis honey can only natural and quality product.Everyone should be able to distinguish a fake from the real product.Liquid honey can be purchased in the summer and autumn, the middle of the autumn, he begins to crystallize.By the winter, he is already becoming thick, but does not lose the useful properties.