Pain in the sternum during inspiration

By Admin | Health Recipes
12 June 2016

If inhalation causes pain in the sternum of varying intensity, it is a clinical syndrome, appropriate different diseases.This behavior of the organism can not be ignored.

Any pain has its differences in intensity, frequency and duration.All of them can look like a burning sensation, cramps, colic, aching pain, to give to different parts of the body.Often, pain when inhaling indicates there is a problem area of ​​the heart, the presence of the pleura.

main reasons indicating why there is pain when coughing:

  • work rib frame is broken;
  • pneumonia accompanied by inflammation of the membrane;
  • shortness of breath as a consequence of pericarditis;
  • mezhplevralnaya ligament shortened;
  • injured ribs and sternum;
  • renal colic.

pain in the sternum during inhalation or exhalation can occur because of infection in the respiratory tract.This disease pneumonia, bronchitis, tracheitis, laryngitis.This symptom may indicate a presence of pulmonary tuberculosis or exacerbation of bronchitis.

If mediastinal organs

become abnormal, when the breath is felt pain in the sternum.It may be inflammation, various injuries and bruises.To more serious diseases are aholaziya, emphysema, empyema, lymphoma, tumors, sarcoidosis.Even stomach ulcers or heartburn may provoke pain in the sternum.

All of the above diseases complicated, they should be treated, but some become chronic and in remission do not disturb the patient, but as soon as there is a recession, it instantly, pain when inhaling.If there

pathologies of the cardiovascular system, it may be chest pain, wherein the pain are manifested only when breathing.This aneurysm, stroke, acute coronary syndrome, pericarditis, myocarditis, pulmonary embolism.This is a serious illness resulting in death, if you run a disease, to self-medicate or not treated.

chest pain noted coronary heart disease, atherosclerosis, or cardiomyopathy.All of these serious medical conditions requiring sophisticated treatment causes pain when breathing.

If the cough syndrome breath or pain in the sternum may occur if there is low back pain, are available infectious diseases, SARS or ARI often accompanied by a cough and chest pain.If pain is present, along with the feeling of scratching, it is likely, in the presence of tracheitis.If there is coughing chest pain, it can be pleurisy.

In diseases of the nervous system is often a symptom - it's a pain in the sternum during breathing.The most common diseases - neuralgia or cardioneurosis.

To find out the cause and begin treatment, it is necessary to visit a doctor.Only a specialist can diagnose because guesses and hope that everything will be in itself can lead to more serious consequences.For treatment may be required not only medicines but also physiotherapy UHF and so on.