How not to drink on New Year?

By Admin | Health Recipes
12 June 2016

celebration of the New Year, and in general of any holiday can be divided into 3 stages - a preparatory process of the celebration, and the final stage.Incidentally, the first two stages depends, as will occur last.Let's start from the beginning.

preparatory stage before the feast, if possible, try to get some sleep that will give you strength and energy for the upcoming fun and fabulous New Year's Eve.During the days before New Year's Eve can not ignore the food, eat like a normal day.

immediately before the meal to calm the stomach, try to drink a mint or green tea, and eat a little better broth or vegetable soup.More option - to drink a cup of strong coffee with lemon.

before the holiday also take activated charcoal.Drink with calculation 1 tablet per 10 kg body weight.This drug helps to eliminate toxins from your body.

If you have decided that you will be drinking in New Year's Eve, you can just drink a little before the feast of the alcohol.The key word here - a little bit.It somehow helps y

our body to approach the process of adaptation to higher doses.

Here we come to the second step - to celebrate the New Year.Set yourself and remember: "Everything is good in moderation!" Moderate consumption of alcoholic beverages in conjunction with the right snack only improve mood and create a festive mood.

process celebration

The most important thing during a party to remember two rules - do not mix alcohol and a good snack.

During reception of alcoholic drinks is better to lean on fat meals because alcohol is soluble in fats and thus not as quickly absorbed into the bloodstream.

Do not mix alcohol with carbonated beverages, otherwise get fast intoxication and joyless final stage.Also, do not mix grain alcohol - such as vodka, whiskey and drinks from grapes - wine.Reduce the effects of alcohol on your body is different sweets - cakes, sweets and so on. D. Since sweets and acts on the body (acid and salt), hence a brandy - lemon and vodka - pickled cucumber.Therefore, on the festive table must necessarily be salted tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbage.

During the feast, try to move more.This will allow the alcohol excreted from the body faster.Participate in contests, dances, often go out to walk on the fresh air.

final stage

At the end of the feast is often taken more drink and beer.Do not do that.More from this joyful you will not, and suffer in consequence will be more, at least 1 day.

After the liquor should not drink coffee.This is due to the fact that it leads to the removal of fluid from the body.It turns out that the use of alcohol from your body is dehydrated, and there is also a coffee, which will only aggravate the situation.It is better to drink cabbage or cucumber brine.The fact that the salt contained in the brine will hold moisture in the body that would improve health.

After celebrating before bedtime take activated charcoal.If possible, drink a glass of milk or a cup of sweet tea again.After all this, I feel the next day would be much better.