Nutrition for intestinal dysbiosis

By Admin | Health Recipes
12 June 2016

important organ of the digestive system is the intestine.That is why even a slight breach in the colon causes serious problems in humans.One of the violations, which at first glance may seem insignificant is a goiter.The intestines are beginning to breed harmful bacteria by suppressing those that benefit.Improve capable of proper nutrition.

Human Nutrition at dysbacteriosis

When dysbacteriosis necessarily impose severe dietary restrictions.It recommended only slightly revise your diet, change the nature and composition of the products.It is important to observe a certain rhythm of food intake.Terms of supply during dysbiosis will not cause difficulties in compliance.

Firstly, in the diet should be to introduce a large amount of water.Goiter, accompanied by diarrhea can lead to dehydration, so it is important to provide your body with sufficient fluid.If the disease is accompanied by constipation, the water will need to liquefy the stool, thus reducing the process of intestinal intoxication.

Secondly, in the diet should be the products that can enhance the process of fermentation, or suppuration.Refuse must also be from the foods that have a negative effect on the intestinal peristalsis.These products increase the pain, provoke problems with a chair.

Third, you need to eat in a way that was considered a disease against which appeared goiter.It is important to prepare the food, subject to certain requirements.

Power built to meet these requirements, can achieve health-improving effect.A person with dysbiosis will not have to suffer from hunger.The most important thing - is to comply strictly with the new regime and to adhere to the rules relating to the cooking process.

requirements for the preparation and consumption of food at a dysbacteriosis

Dysbacteriosis begins to develop on the background of any chronic disease associated with the digestive system.In connection with this dish should be prepared from the products that have passed gentle heat treatment.The diet should not be pickled products, spices tart, oily, spicy, smoked, salt and alcohol.

People suffering from dysbiosis should chew.In no case can not eat cold food.Unacceptable use of too hot or too cold meals.Any food should be at room temperature.Until such time as the acute symptoms of the disease subside need to eat meals in the steam or boiled.Over time, you can expand a little diet.The most important requirement for a dysbacteriosis food every 2 hours.

Food dysbacteriosis should be boiled and mucous.During its preparation it is undesirable to add spices, and you can salt the bit.An ideal product for power in violation of the bowel are cucumbers, potatoes, steam meatballs and cutlets, rice porridge or soup, chicken broth, boiled fruits and vegetables, jelly, natural yogurt and cottage cheese, fresh berries cranberries, raspberries and strawberries, as well asa small amount of honey and white sugar.

eat in accordance with the requirements to be described for two weeks.This time is sufficient to suppress the harmful microflora growth and establish useful.Such power must be accompanied by intake of prebiotics.Assigns them only doctor who will determine the exact duration of the diet.