Throws in the heat of the night

By Admin | Health Recipes
12 June 2016

Every person familiar feeling when amplified heartbeat, body covers hot wave and throws into a fever dream.Such symptoms can talk about various problems in the body.

If this happens to women, this can be explained by hormonal failure.These tides occur in pregnant women undergoing menopause.Sometimes young girls also complain that their night goes hot.This is likely to be associated with puberty and "hormonal revolution."Often, a woman may wake up in a sweat the whole day before ovulation.Women during menopause night can feel not only the heat and sweating, but the attack of fear.This is due to the lack of estrogen in the waning of the ovaries.The heat at night may be associated with autonomic disorders.In this case, it may still raise the blood pressure.

If we talk about the causes of the heat at night for men and women, we can highlight the following points:

  • With a lack of thyroid hormones is disrupted regulation of important processes in the human body.Hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism provoke
    various thyroid diseases, hence the heat may appear during sleep.
  • Hypertensive diseases may disturb the patient even in a dream.If blood pressure rises, it felt hot flushes, sweating.A man wakes up in a sweat, his bed as if doused with water.Any pressure jump man goes hot, fast heart beat begins.
  • If a person is exposed to severe physical stress, and there is a good rest, his nervous system is broken.During sleep, it may be accompanied by fever, sweat, anxiety.The emotional state leads to the feeling, and increased sweating.

If fever throws rarely, it can be attributed to stress, overeating, fatigue.If such attacks more frequent and occur once a month, do not panic, it is necessary to revise the schedule of work, plenty of rest, go to the countryside.In the case where the heat rolls is constant, it is a serious signal organism that it requires diagnosis and treatment is likely.It's time to contact your doctor.Maybe it is necessary to investigate the level of hormones to spend US of internal organs, check the thyroid gland.In any case, such a condition of the body alone will not fix.