Headache with a cold

By Admin | Health Recipes
12 June 2016

Runny nose (rhinitis) - one of the symptoms of colds.The mucous membrane of the nose is filled with harmful bacteria.It deprives a person of the possibility to breathe normally as clogged sinuses, breathing takes place through the mouth.And it adds infection.

headache with a cold can be considered a natural manifestation.It is a kind of signal to the fact that a person struck by illness.Usually it occurs at the onset of colds.Why is that?And all because the nose is on the head, the brain first reacts to the emergence of infection, and the oxygen required for the functioning of all organs, can not freely flow into the blood.This affects the activity of the brain and blood vessels.

Most headaches go away with a cold after the body was reconstructed to a new rhythm of breathing through the mouth.If they are, you need to go to complete ENT examination.Perhaps more serious human infectious lesions (sinusitis, meningitis and other) than a banal cold.Each disease has its own form of headache.When infection

of the lining of the nose, it is short-lived and quickly goes under elementary procedures.

What if a headache with a cold?

primarily treat the root causes of headaches, that is cold.This medication use different drugs whose effectiveness is verified person.In addition, the positive effect is the people's money, but they are good in the initial stage lesions of the nasal sinuses.If the process is delayed, it is necessary to solve the problem of complex measures.

At the first signs of a cold appeared headaches lie in bed for some time supported such a regime.At this time it is better to sleep than to watch TV and engage with the computer.

nasal cavity periodically washed with water and divorced her in sea salt.This will quickly get out accumulated mucus.

Whiskey points behind the ears smeared with oil or menthol balm "asterisk".For greater effect, eucalyptus oil used in the form of inhalation.

Sometimes it is useful to sniff the mustard, pepper and other hot spices that cause sneezing.This nasal cavity is actively released from the harmful accumulation, and with them comes the infection.

If the body temperature normal bedtime spend hot foot bath with eucalyptus oil, mustard.After their legs wipe dry, put on cotton and wool socks and carefully wrapped with a blanket.Usually after such a warm morning to all the pain go away, but for preventive maintenance (when to be out of the house) smeared sinus oxolinic ointment.