Nutrition in chronic cholecystitis

By Admin | Health Recipes
12 June 2016

gallbladder inflammation medicine called cholecystitis.In the treatment of this disease it is very important not only to take prescribed drugs by physicians, but also strictly adhere to a special diet.

Why need a diet?

If you omit the pseudo-scientific terms, mandatory compliance with a special type of meals with cholecystitis explained so.During the receipt of food in the stomach gall bladder spontaneously begins to secrete bile.It helps food assimilated.If you make the time between food intake, the substance begins to stagnate.As a result, there is an inflammation of the gall bladder, and chronic forms and at all the stones are formed.

special system of power, which is prescribed with cholecystitis - split meals (4-5 times a day) helps to ensure that the time of bile excreted from the body.It is very important meal to spend exactly the allotted hours in every day, and not randomly, at any convenient time.

Features cholecystitis diet

To gall bladder functioned smoothly, it is extremely necessary

proteins, and both vegetable animal origin.This substance is contained in large quantities in the low-fat meats, dairy products, eggs.Especially useful yolk of eggs.His doctors recommend include a weekly diet of the patient.It is best to cook the eggs to eat omelets or simply boiled.

At the same time it should be noted that during the acute illness eating eggs should be only in the form of omelets, steamed.Violation of this recommendation can cause colic.

vegetable protein sources are vegetables, fruit, meal.Preferably sweetish fruit, but from the sour better give up.It is not recommended to use all the beans, spinach, mushrooms.

Also in the category of "taboo" enter the following items - pork, lamb, fatty fish, chocolate, baking.It is recommended to limit any kind of alcohol, spices.As the first course should be used not broth, cooked by fatty meat and vegetable soups.

should minimize the use of such products: onions, garlic, radishes, sugar, butter.They can cause inflammation of the mucous membrane of the digestive system.A

vegetables rich in fiber such as carrots, potatoes, zucchini, cabbage, tomatoes should be in the diet of the patient cholecystitis.They promote the removal of bile as well as harmful cholesterol, that affects the formation of stones.

Recommendations for cooking

cholecystitis is recommended to cook steamed or boiled foods.Also, do not use is prohibited and baked dishes.It is strictly prohibited to take any fried products.This also applies for remission and for the acute phase of the disease.The reason for that - irritating to the digestive tract, liver, gall bladder, which provides food cooked this way.

In addition, in order not to provoke spasms of the biliary system, it is not recommended to eat too cold or hot food.

At a time when the disease is in the acute stage, doctors prescribe all the food pre-grind.Once the relief will come and attack is docked, you can begin to take boiled and baked food in the usual way.

regular diet with cholecystitis will avoid not only the recurrence of the disease, but also greatly simplify the course of the disease.