Seabuckthorn pancreatitis

By Admin | Health Recipes
12 June 2016

Many berries with the disease pancreatitis absolutely contraindicated, while others, on the contrary, it is recommended as often as possible to eat.Patients often wonder whether it is possible for pancreatitis eat fruits of sea buckthorn?

Let's find out what is pancreatitis?In medicine, for understanding the disease itself pancreatitis, pancreatic cancer, specifically its inflammation.Therefore, in order not to disrupt the already sick body, we must be careful when choosing food.

buckthorn berries differ a high content of organic acids, fatty oils, and various tannins.These substances, of course, very beneficial to human health, but in the case of acute pancreatitis are not.Berries bring irreparable harm!

In addition, the use of even a small amount of sea buckthorn is sure to provoke an attack.Therefore, if you are diagnosed with "acute pancreatitis", that sea buckthorn berries to eat is not worth it.This also applies to newly plucked fruits, and frozen.

In some cases, when the patient is not obser

ved a sharp response to the sea-buckthorn (which is possible, depending on individual tolerability of the disease), you can include in your diet processed fruit.This can be compotes prepared not based sea buckthorn and its addition, various jellies and confectionery.At the same time, try to use the minimum amount of sea buckthorn, which shall not exceed one tablespoon for a day.

the presence of chronic pancreatitis, many Aesculapius used sea buckthorn fruit, roots, flowers and leaves for medicinal purposes.The most common sea buckthorn juice and butter.In addition, their reception equips weakened body a high content of vitamins, juice promotes healing of wounds.Usually the doctor recommends adding a small amount of oil in salads.

It is believed that sea buckthorn oil is able to "envelop", which significantly reduces the inflammatory process that occurs in the pancreas.

If the disease is only beginning to develop, it is possible to eat potolchennye fresh berries in a small amount (also for medicinal purposes).

The berries and leaves of sea buckthorn prepared broths that recommend drinking shortly before the meal.The use of sea buckthorn is recommended as prophylaxis of pancreatitis.

If you really like the sea buckthorn, and you realize that it is difficult to restrain myself on this subject, consult with your doctor.