Drugs and Grapefruit

By Admin | Health Recipes
12 June 2016

Grapefruit - is representative of citrus, which is kind of a hybrid, which is obtained by crossing known to us all orange and pomelo.While that may be grapefruits different varieties, all of them have a systemic effect on the body, and when taken independently grapefruit juice, use will be more than enough.As for the combination of the fruit with drugs, it is not so simple.And, despite its usefulness, grapefruit does not fit well with various medications by altering or suppressing their efficiency and effect of the drug.

should also be noted that grapefruit - a storehouse of vitamin E, B1, D, C and provitamin A. The paradox is that vitamin C in citrus it is much more than a conventional lemon.Furthermore, it holds in itself various amino acids, pectins, inorganic salts and other nutrients.For example, during prolonged physical or mental stress, this fruit is able to restore vitality and energy.And in the fight against cholesterol and excess weight he has no equal.But studies conducted by scientists al

l over the world confirm the fact that the use of grapefruit with some drugs is unacceptable.

Why such a delicious and healthy fruit so affects the pharmaceuticals?

fact that regardless of whether you drink juice or grapefruit pulp eat, its effect on the body is the same.The essence of such incompatible drugs and fruit appear that some substances grapefruit methods tenfold increase the dosage, or rather its medicinal effect.Thus, the use of a tablet can be leveled by the action of drinking a handful of pills.Especially a resonating effect is observed in the case when the patient washes down pills grapefruit juice.But do not panic and withdraw from such yummy diet, because not all drugs are so sensitive to this citrus.It does not happen, you say that in fiction?But actually grapefruit provides systemic exposure to the liver by inhibiting the enzyme responsible for cleavage of drugs.Because of this blocking a liver enzyme drug is not broken down, and its concentration increases.Lock liver enzyme systems leads to uncontrolled increase in the amount of substance in the blood and, consequently, to the pathological manifestations.

drugs at risk

Knowing systemic exposure of grapefruit, is not recommended to take it at the same time with supports - drugs that reduce cholesterol, as it is fraught with the destruction of the muscles in the arms and legs (rhabdomyolysis).The second group of drugs - a calcium channel blockers (veropamil, amlodimin), which is prescribed to people with high blood pressure.Concomitant use them with grapefruit juice can lead to a sharp reduction in the pressure up to the loss of consciousness due to uncontrolled increase of the concentration of the drug.

third group - are drugs used to treat cardiovascular disease, namely drugs that take rhythm disturbances and to prevent attacks of atrial fibrillation - amiodarone, as well as other drugs - dronedarone, rivaroxaban, and so on. D.

Here is a short list of medicines that are incompatible with grapefruit or grapefruit juice:

Anticancer: everolimus, and lapatinib others.

Antibiotics: halofantrine, maraviroc and rilpivirine.

Pain: ketamine, and so on. D.

Gastrointestinal: domperidone.

Immunosuppressive many Durga.