Heart pain in osteochondrosis

By Admin | Health Recipes
12 June 2016

Heart - is the most important organ of the person occupying the leading place among the pathologies of various organs.With heart problems often turn patients who are over forty years.Can diagnose any disease - angina pectoris and even heart attack.There are cases when the diagnosis does not reveal problems with the heart, and pain are present.

paradox that the diagnostics for a long time did not reveal certain changes in the heart.Pain in the meantime do not stop, even impossible to stop them.It lasts exactly as long as the diagnosis of low back pain is not detected.

Osteochondrosis - is one of the reasons for symptoms of pain in the heart.When narrowing of intervertebral disks are formed osteophytes, can sometimes cause a hernia.All this leads to compression of the intervertebral roots.Osteochondrosis affects middle-aged people, the pathology can develop in different ways.

People who are still unaware of the presence of osteoarthritis, sometimes confused pain.For example, night pain in the heart ca

n be easily confused with an attack of angina.Cervical osteochondrosis may also be accompanied by a variety of discomfort in the chest and heart area.

To get rid of discomfort, treatment is required, but it will only be appointed after the diagnosis of degenerative disc disease and not treated very heart, namely, low back pain.It is believed that the most effective method - is acupuncture and chiropractic.To achieve a positive effect is possible by means of massage.An experienced manual therapist affects certain muscles.But as osteochondrosis affected joints are located very deep, the massage may not be enough.

Many experts point out that if you treat low back pain ointments and disappears pain in the heart.But not all patients notice effective relief ointments warming.The most effective ointment - made from bee or snake venom.Lovely warming effect of different tea tree oil or turpentine.Rubbing these funds in the sore spots, the analgesic effect occurs.

There are some patients who are unaware of the presence of osteoarthritis and resort to thermal procedures, relying on the fact that the bath or sauna can cure the disease.This method of treatment does not lead to recovery, but can only aggravate the situation.Heat osteochondrosis can cause severe pain and aggravation of the disease.In addition to the pain in my heart the whole body is affected.Patients often lose the ability to get out of bed.

can not do yourself a massage.Spinal discs - is a dangerous business and incorrect press can extrude them.The most dangerous thing when a sick person asks to be like kicking back.When osteochondrosis can not independently appoint a pain medication, as they can trigger pinched nerves.Alone can be used diuretics, everything else at the discretion of the physician.