Meals for osteoporosis

By Admin | Health Recipes
12 June 2016

If you are experiencing regular aching lower back pain and joint pain - this may indicate the presence of osteoporosis.The cause of the disease is not always a "bad" gene.Due to the low level of mobility, an unbalanced diet, excess nicotine addiction to alcohol, metabolic disorders, and many other problems, each of us are at risk.All of this generally leads to a lack of nutrients in the body.

Based on what nutritional therapy for osteoporosis?

course, in order to develop a treatment strategy will require the conclusion of physicians.Perhaps your pain is not associated with osteoporosis, and engaging in self, you are simply wasting precious minutes and add to the already deplorable state of health.

In view of the research Dr. appoint a special diet developed based on the chemical composition of the products, because the disease itself involves the destruction of bone structure.It is fraught with the fact that over time, the bones begin to deform even without any physical exertion.Next will only get w

orse.Any accident can be a cancer to the bones or joints.

And the very tissue destruction occurs just because the body does not receive the necessary vitamins (D, B6 and B9) and minerals.Among the latter, a special role in the formation of the skeleton of our plays, of course, calcium, but do not underestimate also magnesium and zinc.

That is why it is so important to pass the necessary tests at the beginning to later drew the overall picture of treatment, after taking into account the lack of certain substances, and the menu will be made in the coming years.

Power osteoporosis

Thus, care should be taken not only on the timely receipt of calcium in the body, but also to follow its release.This warning applies to those who can not live without coffee or only recognizes the strong teas.Along with cocoa and chocolate products, this list will only accelerate the process of removing the mineral.It also may include any diuretics, and sweet drinks, and "strong" drinks.

should remember the fact that the protein foods rich in phosphorus, - not the best product in the kitchen of the patient with osteoporosis, since this interrupts the mineral calcium in the body by inhibiting its absorption.However, the complete rejection of the meat are not required, only slightly reduced its portions.

But dairy products, by contrast, are able to improve the structure of the bones as include its chemical composition, such as calcium and vitamin D. Seafood not only saturate your body with zinc, involved in the formation and healing of bone, but also replenish folicacid and pyridoxine.

Legumes, cereals, grains and vegetables, and nuts will be for patients with osteoporosis storehouse of nutrients.Their chemical composition can be found magnesium, zinc, vitamin B6 and B9 and beyond.

way, osteoporosis is recommended at least once a day to drink fresh drinks.Involve as fruits (oranges, apples, grapefruit, etc.) and vegetables (beets, cucumbers, cabbage).Even the juice from the leaves of spinach is appropriate lifesaver for you.