Pineapple with pancreatitis

By Admin | Health Recipes
12 June 2016

A century ago, our society is not even aware of the existence of this exotic fruit like pineapple.Meanwhile, years later, doctors were able to establish the effect of fruit on the human body.Due to bromelain, a part of the chemical composition of the fruit, pineapple takes a portion of the pancreas itself, speeding up and facilitating the process of digestion, which is especially important for people suffering from pancreatitis.However, not all forms of the disease is as easy as we would like.

Pineapples pancreatitis in acute

The benefits of pineapple for the human body can talk for hours.In general, normal operation of the heart muscle, improves the quality of blood and brain activity.It promotes digestive fermentalnoy activity, struggling with excess weight and fatty deposits on the walls of blood vessels, increases the body's resistance against the numerous infections and reduces the risk of tumors.

Despite this long list, pineapples, nevertheless, are contraindicated when acute illnesses such a

s pancreatitis.Doctors recommend completely abandon the exotic, in all its form.This categorization can be explained by several factors.For example, along with the plant enzymes (bromelain) pineapple includes ascorbic acid and citric acid.Therefore, even a small piece of juicy fruit is able to cause a spasm in patients with acute pancreatitis, irritating the stomach wall.

similar action has itself bromelain.To accelerate the process of digestion, the enzyme promotes the secretion of gastric juice.And this is known to increase the level of acidity in the body, which is also not the best way affects the condition of the patient.

Finally, pineapple - sweet and juicy fruit.In the period of acute illness the body can not cope with the amount of sugar in the blood, which then still lead to the development of blood glucose or diabetes.

Chronic pancreatitis

But in relation to pancreatitis, transformed into a chronic form, doctors are not so categorical.Pineapples in this case resolved, but subject to certain requirements.

Firstly, it should take a basis for the fact that fresh fruit are permitted only after a heavy meal, and not on an empty stomach.You can use it in a salad or during cooking main dish, stew or bake.Secondly, pineapple juice may be used as a marinade for meat, not for use in its pure form, and only occasionally is not forbidden to drink fruit juice, diluted (1: 1) compote or jelly.Finally, in the third place, all kinds of canned foods are forbidden, even when remitting stage of pancreatitis.