Iceberg lettuce: useful properties

By Admin | Health Recipes
12 June 2016

Today, the stores can meet a wide variety of salads.Doctors definitely recommend including them in your diet, preferably daily, because these products are natural vitamin complexes.Useful


More recently, a new salad called "Iceberg".Visually, it is very similar to our native cabbage.Such an interesting name the fruit was due to the fact that the farmers who were engaged in its cultivation for its long-term storage to transport it, pre sprinkle with ice.

Learn iceberg can be on a pale-green leaves.In taste it is very similar to a vegetable with Chinese cabbage.It has a long shelf life.And its affordable price makes it possible to acquire this valuable fruit, even on a limited budget.

Valuable properties of the iceberg

Iceberg is considered one of the most useful salads.It contains a loading dose of folic acid.As is known, this substance is essential to metabolism in the body were properly.

addition folic acid helps properly functioning nervous system.Scientists note that the iceberg show peo

ple prone to depression, a sharp change of mood.It will be useful for the salad and those whose work is related to nervous stress and intellectual activity.

The same acid helps to normalize blood circulation, it activates the transfer of oxygen to the muscles.He is able to raise the level of hemoglobin.Therefore, it is especially necessary for pregnant women to eat, as well as those who suffer from a lack of this substance in the blood.

presence in the iceberg and vitamin A, C, B. Many in it iron and calcium.Prized vegetable and high content of potassium, sodium.

With this composition saturated fruit - just a godsend for fasting days, as well as those people who are struggling with excess body weight.It will be useful iceberg diabetics.

Iceberg is an excellent preventive measure against kidney diseases, as it has the ability to remove salt from the body.

American doctors also recommend eating a salad in order to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, strokes and heart attacks.

Features eating salad

no secret that fresh fruits and vegetables contain the maximum number of different nutrients and vitamins.Iceberg - no exception, so it is not recommended to give away any heat treatment, otherwise you can lose almost half of all valuable ingredients.

iceberg can be used both independently and as part of almost any salad, for example, by combining it with sweet pepper, cucumber, tomato.It turns out a delicious mix of iceberg, boiled eggs, any hard cheese, seasoned with sour cream or yogurt.Those who are not afraid to get better, allowed a salad seasoned with homemade mayonnaise.