How to remove barley from the eye?

By Admin | Health Recipes
12 June 2016

swollen eyelids, itching, severe redness and pus sac - this is what is usually called barley.Earlier in the villages most non-trivial ailment treated ways until the spit, but the effectiveness and feasibility of such methods has not been proven.That is why let the disease take its course should not be.

The main thing to remember that category of people who are not in a hurry to the doctor and prefer to be treated at home - this is unacceptable extrusion or pierce barley.Even at the stage of maturing and healing do so is strictly prohibited.The situation is dangerous because disease can not only leave a very visible scar on his face, but completely deprived of.

Methods of removing barley in the early stages

If the barley is not uncommon, and the inhabitant know his first sign, is to try to stop it at the initial symptoms.The most effective measure in this situation - a delicate and extremely cautious moxibustion ulcer.You can use a simple alcohol, iodine, camphor alcohol or green paint.An excellent

express different effect of tea tree essential oil or a fir.Application of any of these products suggests caution, because not get in eyes whether it's alcohol or essential oils can not.

"Grandma" prescriptions for the treatment of barley

If the possibility of visiting the doctor there, you can take advantage of some regret and safety of traditional recipes.Excellent help from barley salt, sprinkle with sore but it definitely should not be.Salt is necessary to heat in the pan without oil and then pour it into a cloth bag tight.He applied to the eye until cool.In the same heat of different hard-boiled egg.It is also necessary to hot wrap in several layers of natural matter and keep the patient on the facial area.

Excellent help from the stye fennel seeds, previously brewed with boiling water and insist at least half a day.Lotions decoction of such act quickly and very effectively.Instead of dill can take a dozen laurel leaves.

There is another proven method for centuries treatment of barley in the eye.This welding, which is placed in a tiny bag of bandage or gauze.The pack must be kept for a long time.The eye has to warm.

most sensible solution - a treatment of barley, which for some reason many consider the result of slander and coo over it yourself with a professional eye doctor.That specialist will name the true causes of disease and prescribe effective medication.