Lovage: planting and care

By Admin | Magic Plants
19 June 2016

Lovage (another name - or a love long celery root, love-grass) - is a perennial plant that belongs to the family celery.It enjoys the love and respect among gardeners, because lovage - a great spice with a pleasant smell, have a healing effect.This plant has long been used in folk medicine for the treatment of hydrocephalus.It helps and intestinal colic, kidney disease.Can have on the body and fortifying the analgesic effect.Lovage - is not only useful plant but also unpretentious and antifreeze, it is simple enough to grow in the garden, and it is easy to take care of him.

Landing lovage

for growing grass-like shade is better to choose the place, although it can grow on the sunny areas.The soil this plant is suitable for almost any - it can grow in peat and clay soil, even in the sand.However, the best option for growing - nutritious moist soil.Planted in the ground in early spring should lovage.The easiest way - to sow seeds directly into the ground.The bed on which will be made planting should be

dug to a depth of bayonet spade.The land made humus and peat (in sq. M. Is taken one bucket), a couple of tablespoons nitrophosphate and a glass of wood ash.If need be, further lovage fed with chemical fertilizers.The most common phosphate and nitrogen fertilizers (usually taking 15 grams of fertilizer per square meter of land).In autumn poured peat or humus.

the seeds should be in rows, between which stand in the distance of 70-80 centimeters.Planting depth is about 3-4 cm spacing between adjacent plants should be 30-40 cm, because in the future lovage quickly expands in breadth.

important to plant a good root system, so its formation lovage requires periodic removal stems from it.But do not get involved in this process much leave is usually a couple of stems.It will also receive a large amount of green leaves.Harvest can be collected throughout the summer.


Lovage not require any special care.He needed, like most other plants, constant watering, weeding, frequent loosening the soil, fertilizing.

spring lovage should feed.For this purpose, the slurry (it is diluted in the ratio 1: 4), can be added to the ground fertilizer diluted bird droppings or humus (supplemented with 5 kg ash).

summer, especially during the dry season, lovage needs constant watering, otherwise gentle spice scented acquire a bitter taste and becomes rough.

From the second year, when the height of lovage reach 15 cm, it is necessary to carry out pruning of leaves.In one season it is necessary to do this procedure three or four times.After each trimming lovage should feed fertilizers.

In autumn lovage is recommended to cover the top of the three-centimeter layer of rotted compost.If you want to have fresh greens in the winter, you can dig a little bush and lovage plant in a pot.All the winter months the plant will grow and give you their leaves.Spring bush can be re-planted in open ground.

Love-grass wakes up one of the first spring, the snow has not yet melted, and it is already the first leaves appear.By growing in your garden lovage, you'll always have on hand a beautiful fragrant spice and medicinal herb wonderful!