Power osteochondrosis

By Admin | Health Recipes
12 June 2016

osteochondrosis - one of the most common diseases today.For the prevention and treatment need to know how to adjust the power, it is better to eat, but from which products should be abandoned.Diet osteochondrosis is quite simple, involves a lot of different products.The main principles - low-calorie and balanced, must be present in food in large quantities of vitamins and minerals that contribute to the restoration of the normal and the cartilage.

Power osteochondrosis

primarily in the diet of a person suffering from osteochondrosis, must be present hondroprotektory - substances that are responsible for the synthesis of cartilage.To receive them should eat dishes such as jellied fish, and even jelly and jelly.In the last two dishes other than those mentioned above there is an important matter and collagen, which is essential for the normal development and functioning of connective tissue.

Very good cook jelly.This delicious dessert is rich in vitamins, but also it has a gelatin, which also boasts a

n abundance of chondroprotectors.Eat in osteochondrosis fractionally better, a day in small portions to eat five or six times.The best way to prepare food (including vegetables) considered steaming, you can also cook fish and meat, and then a little fried.

Power osteochondrosis must fully meet the needs of the body for energy.For men and women calorie food should be different (men need more calories than women), and the same applies to the people who lead an active lifestyle or have a sedentary job.Sugar is recommended to change the honey or jam, but instead of common salt is advised to eat sea.It should reduce the consumption of coffee.This drink displays the body of calcium, which in turn contributes to the depletion of the intervertebral discs.Furthermore because coffee worse digested magnesium, sodium, potassium, and other minerals.If you give up coffee does not work, try taking vitamin complexes and saturating its menu of products, many of which the aforementioned micronutrients.

Recommendations doctor about diet osteochondrosis

One of the main rules - eat less salt, try to give up smoking, to remove from the menu, hot dishes, hot sauces and pickles.Therapeutic food osteochondrosis should consist of foods rich in protein.First of all, meat dishes and fish, eggs, poultry and dairy.In addition to the products of animal origin is a part of the protein and plant food - in sunflower seeds, eggplant, walnuts, beans, legumes, brewer's yeast.We need to eat whole grains, you can take fresh corn or barley, well helps with osteochondrosis wheat and millet.Bread is better to eat rye or gray, you can treat yourself to nesdobnoe cookies, biscuit.However, if the person suffering from osteochondrosis weight, the amount of bakery products is minimized.

A great place to take the menu vegetables and fruits.Recommend cook salad of tomatoes, peppers, onions, cucumbers, radishes and beets, celery, from different varieties of cabbage (you can take the broccoli and cabbage).For the salad dressing is better to use olive oil.You can not refuse to unsaturated fats, they can get along with walnuts, dishes of sea fish and olive oil.