How to remove a wart with a finger?

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11 June 2016

warts - growths is formed on the skin.Their appearance is caused by papillomavirus.To catch them can be from another person who has the virus is present.It penetrates the skin through microscopic injuries, cuts, abrasions fresh.

themselves warts painless and harmless to humans, but they cause much discomfort one of its kind, especially if they are covered by the fingers.Therefore, all who are there, trying to get rid of them.

Medical treatments for warts

The official medicine use different methods of getting rid patients of warts.All are associated with the mechanical manipulations.

Surgical excision is used for large value growths or combining them in a colony.Using local anesthesia, the physician surgically cut out the tumor and carefully sews up the incision.Remote fabric necessarily sent to study to learn its structure and the nature of origin.

Cryosurgery (freezing the wart with liquid nitrogen) - one of the most popular treatments.On the composition of the bundle is applied.By means of a sp

ecial apparatus for 30 seconds it is exposed to cold.The neoplasm is white, compacted.After 1-2 hours in its place formed a watery bubble.It can not be pierced.He is dry for a week, and formed a crust will come down, leaving a pink spot.

Laser and electric coagulation or truncation buildup

Both procedures are performed under local anesthesia with the use of electrical equipment.In the first case, the laser beam is directed warts, which gradually burn it, in the second - using a metal loop box energized which cuts off the wart.In both cases, possible to avoid bleeding and tissue further "disinfected".At the end of 2-3 weeks, the place where the wart becomes completely invisible.

rarely used in the treatment of warts chemicals - acid or alkali.They are too aggressive, so doctors try not to assign these formulations.

folk medicine

in alternative medicine there are many resources to effectively get rid of warts.

  1. onion, soaked for 2 hours in vinegar, is applied to the growths on the night.It will be unpleasant, "twitching," but the procedure should be repeated until the complete disappearance of warts.
  2. garlic (2-3 cloves large) brewed with boiling water (1 cup), insist hour and rub growths.
  3. juice celandine, dandelion, milkweed, kalanchoe - effective means of warts.Lubricate them affected area should be 2-3 times a day.With celandine should be especially careful, since it is poisonous liquid.