Aspic: the benefits and harms

By Admin | Health Recipes
11 June 2016

In traditional Russian cuisine jelly has a special place.Often it is prepared as a signature dish of the festive table.And in the daily diet can be difficult to give up a good portion of the richness of jelly.

What is jelly?

Aspic includes two components - a thick turned into a jelly-like mass of meat or fish broth and pieces of the product from which it was cooked.The most common meat aspic.A fish usually cooked on a gelatin-based filler.

During prolonged cooking, the meat gives the water the natural components that allow it to turn on cooling into a thick gelatinous mass.This mass is very tasty and nutritious, easy to digest digestive organs.

meat, which is used for cooking soup, much fall apart and becomes soft and tender.It is easily stratified and freely converted into a homogeneous mass.Sufficiently small quantities of the product to be filled for a long time.

believe that the best is obtained from Jelly legs and heads of animals and birds, which have bone and cartilage.Thanks to them, the b

roth becomes jelly-like appearance.Bone and cartilage in the cooking process is given substances that a person needs for normal body function.Meat is also used for filling soup or as a standalone product.As a rule, it is sufficient that the amount of pulp, which is available on the bones.

Useful than brawn?

well cooked jelly except for the remarkable flavor characteristics has many useful properties.

  1. In it there is a large amount of collagen - a substance that is responsible for the good condition of connective tissues.Thanks to him, the human body is not as fast aging.
  2. high content of calcium to strengthen bones and allows the joints.People who have had injuries of the musculoskeletal system, specifically prescribed jelly to regenerate bone structure and speed up the regeneration process.
  3. B vitamins and fatty acids allow aspic retain normal blood flow to maintain the desired hemoglobin level, calms the nervous system and produce hormones of pleasure.
  4. presence of retinol provides good vision and strengthens the immune system.
  5. gelatinous meat broth and seethe well perceived and quickly absorbed by the digestive system.
  6. gelatinous mass acts as an antioxidant.She copes with the absorption of toxins and harmful substances entering the body.No wonder that after a protracted feasts with wine drinking folk healers have advised jelly to reduce the hangover.If you eat this dish for the holiday table, it will not take no alcohol.

What harm can be from aspic?

Despite the many positive characteristics, jelly has some features that can harm humans who abuse the product.

Its main drawback - the presence of a large amount of cholesterol, which leads to the formation of plaques on the inside of the vessel wall.When the tumors became much, they clog the blood flow, which inevitably causes a heart attack or stroke.

High-calorie jelly does not allow the use more than 1 time per week, or the extra weight provided, with matter from the meat of the animal it is cooked.

To extract the maximum amount of brawn nutrients and reduce the risk of harm, it is necessary to know how to cook it.Each family has its secrets of making this dish.