There was a lot of moles on the body

By Admin | Health Recipes
11 June 2016

Moles on the human body do not appear immediately.The first of these can be seen only when the child is 1-2 years.Their occurrence is either gradually or intense.Regardless of the person who noticed the appearance of moles on the body, can not but be interested in the question of what it is connected.

process appearance of moles on the body is directly related to the endocrine system, which provides a level of control over a large number of elements, which are vital.In particular, we are talking about the body's hormonal background.Most birthmarks appear on the body during puberty.At this stage there is a change in hormone levels.Thus, one reason for the appearance of moles on the body can serve as the body's hormonal changes.

No less common cause of birthmarks is exposure to sunlight.In order to prevent the formation of moles on the body after sunbathing, it is advisable to use sun creams and lotions.

In general, experts note that the appearance of moles on the body for life - it is a natural physi

ological process.Worry should be in a situation where their number is increasing quite dramatically, while their size varies, they start to bleed, and so on. N. In this case, without specialist advice is indispensable, especially when it comes to children.

When a large number of moles on the body, wear loose-fitting clothing made of natural fabrics.This must be done in order not to damage a mole.In addition, you should limit the time to stay in direct sunlight.

More recently, the issue of occurrence of moles on the body absolutely not interested in the person, but today there are many different professions who are willing to carefully analyze each situation of this kind.In fact, the urgent need for resorting to such specialists is not until the mole is not started a concern (it was said above).

adolescents and women who are pregnant should be a wait period, which is characterized by a surge of hormones.It is required to adhere to the above recommendations.