Can I drink the water at night?

By Admin | Health Recipes
11 June 2016

quench their thirst, most people do not even think about how much water you can use a person, especially when it comes to the night?

Many believe, despite the fact that water is necessary and useful to the human body, to abuse of the liquid is not necessary.Is this true?Others claim that drinking water at any time of the day should be as much as your body requires.Is it so?What is your opinion right, let's find out.

what nutritionists say?

Based on the fact that the metabolic processes in the body are not normally occur, with a lack of fluid, some nutritionists say that for every 30 kg of body weight per day is necessary to drink at least a liter of liquid.Others believe that the amount of water you drink depends on what type of food consumed during the day.

However, in all cases, we are talking only about the people who do not have a weight problem.And under the liquid it is understood not only water, but other beverages.In medicine, there were cases when excessive consumption of people with a lot

of water weight, not only led to disruptions in the body, but also poisoning.

medical opinion

Today, most physicians converges to the fact that water is necessary to use it as much as "demands" the body - according to his needs.You should not abuse the drinking water for the night in some specific cases, which mainly depend on the individual characteristics of a specific person.

therefore determine the order to drink water at night or not (and if so, how much) should be every man for himself alone.Firstly, it is necessary to pay attention to how the body reacts after the night when the quantity of water consumed.How was the night?I worry whether something?Often you had to get up to the toilet?You may have insomnia?In the morning must-see his body for the presence of edema.

If changes have occurred, but the person is not sure what the reason for that was drunk water in the evening, the next time you should be careful and cautious.It should limit itself to the amount of water drunk at night and see whether there will be any changes.If the problems are obvious, of course, you should limit yourself to drink water at night.When there is no visible change, and the person feels fine, then why not have a drink in the evening the water as much as you want.

What if the water is bad, and the thirst does not subside?

If after an evening drinking water problems at night, but still craving does not subside, then you need to "trick" your body.When thirst occurs, instead of the desired cup of water, drink a few spoonfuls (sips).Eat only need good quality water.

Water can be replaced compotes, yogurt, tea, jelly, milk or other beverages.To normalize the water balance in the body during the day you need to eat foods that contain a very large amount of water.Day should drink plenty of fluids to the evening the body does not feel the lack of it.