What vitamins are best taken in the winter?

By Admin | Health Recipes
11 June 2016

winter period is a real stress for the human body.With the onset of cold weather there are clear signs of beriberi, which is necessary to fight as soon as possible.About deficiency of B vitamins, as well as A, E and C, can be found on dry, flaking and redness of the face and hands.If there was a shortage in the body of vitamins C, K, and D, the person begins to suffer from the long non-healing wounds.In order to avoid these and similar problems should take vitamins.

The best source of vitamins - food!

from normal metabolism affects our health and appearance.To winter the body does not suffer from a lack of vitamin-mineral complex should reconsider your diet.In the first place with the onset of cold weather we are beginning to suffer from a deficiency of ascorbic acid or vitamin C, which is one of the main.To replenish it should eat oranges, kiwi, aronia, tomatoes, bell peppers and sauerkraut.

At least we are experiencing a lack of vitamin B. As a result, a person begins to dry and crack lips, nails

and hair become brittle.There is irritability, insomnia.Change that will use buckwheat, rice, peas, eggs, dairy products, kidneys, liver, nuts and beetroot.It is these products contain in their composition a large number of B vitamins

About vitamin A deficiency can be judged by visual impairment, decreased immunity, brittle nails and hair.Restores retinol promotes inclusion in the diet of milk, eggs, carrots, parsley, dill and sorrel.

With a shortage of vitamin E body is experiencing constant fatigue, inability to concentrate at work.Tocopherol is important for the body because it is responsible for supporting the immune system, protecting the cells from damage by the body's nervous breakdowns, as well as stress.The use of spinach, cabbage, lettuce, low-fat meat, eggs and vegetable oil - a guarantee that you will not have to face a shortage of vitamin E. Thus, in the winter simply can not do without the intake of vitamin C, E, A, and groupB.

For vitamins to the pharmacy!

In order to help the body to survive the long winter we have not only to eat, but also to use special vitamin-mineral complexes, which can be purchased at pharmacies.Why can not we do use only useful products, which we discussed above?The fact that it is difficult to organize your meals so that it attended as a variety of products.Secondly, buying fresh fruits and vegetables in the winter, we can not be sure that they present a sufficient amount of nutrients.Important role played by the rules of their transportation and storage.

Thus, multivitamin is sorely needed, but it is not recommended their use without rules and controls.The most optimal solution - to see a doctor, who will recommend the best drug for your body.