Is it possible to drink yogurt at night?

By Admin | Health Recipes
11 June 2016

This question tormented half the world's population.On the one hand it provides benefits to our body in digestion and maintaining the intestinal microflora.Some scholars have concluded that regular consumption of kefir enhances immunity.Others believe that a drink in the complex has a positive effect on the body, eliminating the many variations in the internal organs.But there are also such "scientific minds" who vehemently oppose the fermented milk drink before bed.Why is that?We learn a little lower.

objective arguments in favor of yogurt at night

  1. most common reason for the use of yogurt in the evening and at night is its lightness, and it's not just about the number of calories in its composition.Simple proteins - that allows a person to quickly saturate the product with no load on the body, as in a dream, he should relax and gain strength instead of processed dietary fiber.
  2. Calcium (this is necessary for our bones), too, is part of fermented milk drink.Moreover, to be absorbed in the human bod
    y, a component requires certain conditions to exist, namely, the dark that definitely points to the usefulness of yogurt before bedtime.
  3. Enter into my life and be a habit for those who suffer from insomnia or hyperexcitability.Because yogurt relaxing way acts (due tryptophans) as the brain and the whole body, a glass before going to bed will allow you to forget a strong and pleasant sleep until the morning.
  4. proved that in the fermented milk beverage includes components that have a slight diuretic pressure on a person, and therefore, kefir before bedtime will help to cope with the swelling and relieve the pressure even in the case of deviations from the norm.

opinions of those who are against ...

It is known that a good one, radically affect the other.Therefore, for people suffering from frequent urination, a professor of Sciences advised or completely abandon prednochnogo receiving yogurt or drink it at least 2 hours before bedtime.

According to "scientific minds" who are opposed to the evening reception of yogurt, the prevalence of protein on their brethren (fats and carbohydrates) may adversely affect the operations of the body at night.

Thus, during the waking man spends its reserves of organic substances necessary for it to function properly during the day.Asleep, the body activates the regenerative processes, establishing a balance between the two.Serve yogurt, rich in proteins, interfering with the mechanism of interaction between cells can cause a lack of glycogen.As a result, a person feels in the morning headache, fatigue, muscle and slight malaise.

Additionally, the stale goods strongly recommended in diseases associated with high acidity and constipation.Under the ban, he and those with lactose is rejected.

In general, yogurt at night can be an indispensable benefit of a person, but to drink it should be correct.To do this, before use should get a drink out of the fridge for half an hour before the reception and there is likely a teaspoon than drinking sips.