Olives with pancreatitis

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11 June 2016

Some believe that black and green olives - is the fruit of the tree that is the same, while others are sure that it is completely different fruit of different plants.Who is right and why?In fact, and olive and olive - is the fruit of one tree in theory, but collected at different periods of maturation.So, less ripe fruit - and more mature olives used for oil production - raspberries are high in fat.Furthermore, and olives, and olives are composed of a lot of useful substances - such as amino acids, vitamins K, C, E, PP, A, B2, B1, selenium, copper, beta-carotene, iron, potassium, phosphorusmanganese and more.However, to use the olives must be carefully, you have got a chronic cholecystitis, or pancreatitis, and is suspected to these diseases.

Olives pancreatitis: benefit or harm?

Despite the many beneficial qualities, eat olives in acute pancreatitis strongly not recommended, as it may aggravate the course of the underlying disease.

What explains such an impact on the body?

fact that the olives are

exactly the same as olive oil helps to enhance the choleretic effect, and therefore may occur the uncontrolled flow of bile, which can activate the inflammatory process in the pancreas.Also, quite often the current can promote the movement of bile stones in the gall bladder and ducts, leading to an exacerbation of cholelithiasis.

Another fact that does not play to the benefit of this fruit - the high content of vegetable fats, which are also poorly tolerated by the body vulnerable and reload the liver and pancreas.

classic picture of pancreatitis is composed of diarrheal disorders, and that without the use of olives is poorly tolerated.What happens when such a breach diet?Fiber olives enhances intestinal motility, which manifests the appearance of constipation or diarrhea.

Canned olives

Argued that canned olives, unlike olive oil can be used in any disease in your diet.In fact, if you have an exacerbation of pancreatitis, the use of canned olives will not go in your favor.The whole reason that the acid used in the preservation process, play the role of promoters, which activate the production of proteases.But they also aggravate for pancreatitis at times.

Moreover, preservative used acid addition salt thereof, which promotes the formation of prostate outflow to and inhibits the healing process.


Summarizing the written above, it is worth noting that the use of olives and olive oil in the active phase of pancreatitis is strictly prohibited.As for your diet in remission, just abandon the olives are not worth it, just need to eat them according to individual tolerability, as gluttony these fruits can provoke an aggravation of the disease.Buy only high-quality products and stay healthy.