Olive oil with pancreatitis

By Admin | Health Recipes
11 June 2016

inflammation of the pancreas or, scientifically speaking, "pancreatitis" - a common disease.In order to facilitate the progress of the disease course, as well as not to provoke its worsening, sick people to adhere to the strict diet prescribed.

And all because of the use of any product that is not suitable for pancreatitis can lead to the most negative consequences.Therefore, patients should be sure to know the whole range of food, which is shown or, conversely, prohibited for use.

Very often there are disputes, both among experts and among the patients themselves as to whether it is possible to use in inflammation of the pancreas olive oil.

all "for" and "againstĀ»

Most doctors agree that a moderate amount consumed this product is not just possible, but necessary.It explained this view in this way.

This oil is full of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids.In a limited number, they are very useful for pancreatic.To these components benefited, olive oil should be used only high-quality, natural.It is als

o important as the product include in your diet.

In this case, you need to spice them fresh porridge, soups, salads, but meals must be consumed immediately, or these substances are not as useful.

addition of olive oil, and could have a preventive effect.It also contains oleic acid and hydroxytyrosol.They act immediately in two directions.First, help prevent the onset of inflammatory processes, and secondly, have the ability to stop the attack during exacerbation.These components act like a natural sedative, which positively affects the mucous membrane and the cells.

How to use olive oil for pancreatitis?

to bring the product to a weakened disease organism exclusively benefit, it is recommended to use it as a condiment for salads, porridge.

Some experts recommend no later than half an hour before a meal to drink a large spoon of olive oil, and then immediately a large glass of purified water at room temperature.Note that this use of funds includes not using the first method, the use of this useful product.