Acne ears: Causes and Treatment

By Admin | Health Recipes
11 June 2016

Though pimples in your ears - the most terrible and dangerous disease, however, they must be treated promptly and adequately to the situation with your ear is not exacerbated other problems.

So, what is the reason that there are pimples in the ear?

Quite often the formation of this kind of pustules associated with various immune reactions, due to which the immune system is reduced and the body becomes vulnerable to this disease.

In addition, it is believed that the cold can thus affect the skin condition.So, it boils appeared on the background of the common cold, has a legitimate "justification", especially if the patient has a predisposition to the formation of pustules on the skin.

Often acne is more seasonal, as may result from vitamin deficiencies.All sorts of hormonal disorders can also affect the formation of pimples in the ear canal.

And it is too bad when a boil becomes the result of non-compliance with the rules of personal hygiene, after all, the modern age of nanotechnology and computer

s, and do not wash your ears - it's embarrassing.Also, the cause of acne can serve as a trauma of the hair follicle when using sharp objects for scratching the ear (pencil, matches, pins).

symptoms of boils in the ear

Typically, once there is pain, redness, local redness, swelling, and so on. D. Over time, increases the overall symptoms of inflammation in the ear, the pain gives to the temple, decreased appetite, disturbed sleep, there is irritability,because all the patient's attention is attracted to pain.

Acne Treatment in the ear

When the discomfort and pain in the ear, you should immediately see a doctor for help, in this case we are talking about a specialist otolaryngologist.The treatment of such diseases as a boil in the ear provides for conservative treatment with antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs and painkillers.

If the disease progresses, resorted to the use of various techniques.So, is especially popular autohaemotherapy, which provides for the reintroduction of the patient's blood with injections every 48 hours.

can also use gauze turundy (rolled out the bandage sticks), which is wetted with boric alcohol and gently introduced into the ear.This technique stimulates the maturation of boils, and, consequently, accelerates the output of pus.Since pain is the result of festering, and once the pus out, the pain is reduced, minimizing the swelling and the patient is recovering.

independently or squeeze a pimple you should not worry, as it may aggravate the disease.

Despite the fact that a pimple in your ear - not the most frequent, ignore it, too, not worth it.

fact that inadequate or delayed treatment can lead to the fact that the inflammation will go to other hair follicles, and there will have to deal with a carbuncle.And it is even more difficult to treat, and the picture is much more serious symptoms - intense pain, severe swelling, disturbances of auditory function and so on. D. Treatment of carbuncle involves surgery, which leaves ugly scars on their own and obvious defects of the ear.


Any disease is easier to prevent than to cure.So here are some golden rules that will protect you from the problems with the ears:

  • observe the rules of hygiene.
  • Nutrition.
  • Healthy sleep - a strong immune system.
  • Avoid stress and hypothermia.Check
  • hormones.
  • Healthy lifestyle.