Diet for acne

By Admin | Health Recipes
11 June 2016

people each year hundreds of thousands of rubles to throw beauticians and means to combat acne, but, unfortunately, many do not even realize that in order to cope with this problem, you must monitor not only the affected areas of skin, but alsoheal itself from within.For example, fatty foods can aggravate the situation of the sebaceous glands, becoming one of the causes of acne (acne).

Good motivation - the path to recovery

To help you feel better to give up many favorite products that threaten the health of the skin, we note that it is unhealthy food oversaturates toxins.As soon as their number exceeds the allowable standards, the mechanism of removing the poison man.And since all the ways are good, they are utilized and sebaceous glands.And so it turns out that under the onslaught of toxins it is not always possible to "recover" to the end.Work glands is broken clogged pores, the skin becomes inflamed.As a result, we are witnessing the birth of acne on his face, arms, back, and so on. D.

from what should be abandoned

No one said that the road to a clean and beautiful skin will be easy, but the choice to do still have.First of all, set a goal to give up bad habits.While smoking and alcohol are also a source of seedlings spots from which to abdicate in favor of healthier skin, but it now goes not about them.

Pay attention to your table.Surely you can find a nearby chocolate or coffee mug, hand drawn uncontrollably to which, regardless of the will of your thoughts.And somewhere in the kitchen hidden away still "a ton" of sweets, greasy, but very tasty food.Even buns dutifully waiting their fate in a breadbox, for example.And they - the main rebels inside the human body, slowly poisoning him.

Should I explain what "benefit" for the person carries a sweet soda and fast food?Here we are talking not about the toxins that are contained in this set of products.Rather, they are thrown our stomach, generally violate the work of the bodies involved in the digestive system, and disruptions in the digestive tract is often reflected on your face.

alternative to harmful diet

Try replacing chocolate, halva and other sweets for healthy and nutritious fruit.Assorted fruits by honey also the ability to enjoy their sweetness.Instead of fried meat serve it baked, because the oven can be cooked at least crisp and appetizing juicy chicken or pork, for example.

Side dishes and snacks, deep-fried completely interchangeable with fresh or stewed vegetables.That's only for the latter prevails in several times.And the greens, because it will not only restore a lack of vitamin, but also the intestinal microflora.

Water - is the main enemy of toxins.Often, after an alcoholic poisoning, for example, a person experiences a terrible thirst.That's because the water dilutes the venom and forces it to surrender unauthorized, so it becomes an important ally in the war against acne.By the way, similar to yogurt or even endowed with a little more force than water, because it is intended to purify our body from harmful microorganisms and beyond.

Make it a habit of the main points of the described diets weeks later to enjoy a healthy skin.A year later did forget about acne.