It is useful to drink a lot of water?

By Admin | Health Recipes
11 June 2016

The benefits of water has a lot of information.It's getting rid of toxins, maintaining the skin in good condition, weight loss and more.But there is no clear guidance about how much of the water consumed throughout the day, is harmless.So, it is useful to drink a lot of water?

about the water needs of the human body

adult human body is composed of 65% water, the loss of that day up to 2.5 liters (bowel movement; the air that is exhaled, sweat).Sometimes the water loss can be up to 10 liters per day (with heat of hard work, excessive fluid intake).The daily water loss must be restored.

What is the daily need of an adult organism in the water?It is believed that to make up for the daily loss of water a person needs to get 1-1.5 liters of fluid, which includes the employed and drinks, and soups.This amount is justified by the fact that up to 800 grams of water is supplied with food in his body each day produces up to 400 grams of water.Some consider the daily rate of water consumption up to 40 ml per

1 kg of body weight.

Useful Is the lack of water in the body?

If insufficient intake of water in the body, the following changes:

  • thickens the blood, which is fraught with poor maintenance of the body of nutrients and oxygen;
  • happens difficulty of the kidneys because of increased concentration of urine;
  • work of the brain, containing up to 80% of the water is reduced.

useful if an excessive amount of water in the body?

When excess water inflow into the body:

  • begin to work the kidneys;
  • occur irritation of the bladder;
  • overload the heart begins to work because of the increased blood volume.

How to use water?

First of all, you should know that the water in the body is to act uniformly.In addition, upon the occurrence of the body's need to replenish the water body always reacts somewhat later.Therefore, feeling thirsty, at a time is recommended to drink no more than 250 ml of water.If there is still a craving after 10 minutes, again can drink a small amount of water.

a hot time and at a heavy physical work is recommended to drink mineral or carbonated few simple salted water.This is due to the release body together with then a large number of salts, which leads not only to water but also salt deficiency.Drinking plain water is removed from the body of salt has intensified, and the feeling of thirst disappears.

Drinking plenty of water is useful?

Definitely give an answer to this question is impossible.Each person must feel and know how much water a day, it is necessary on the basis of their health.First, the water balance of the human body depends on its state of kidneys.