Olive oil for gastritis

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11 June 2016

view of modern rhythm and bustle, a quick snack on the go, constant stress, poor sleep, chronic fatigue, bacteria, bad habits and other negative factors contribute to the development of diseases in humans such as gastritis.From a medical point of view, is an inflammation of the mucous membrane of the stomach, which is manifested by degenerative disorders of the mucosa and atrophic changes.Gastritis may be both reduced and increased acidity.Pretty dangerous rebirth gastritis ulcer or worse - in stomach cancer.That is why when the first symptoms (nausea, feeling of heaviness in the stomach, burning sensation in the epigastric region, and so on. D.), Seek medical advice.But, as is known, the treatment of gastritis - a long and expensive process that rather become chronic phase than completely disappears.Olive oil is used for gastritis in folk and traditional medicine more for diagnostic procedures (blind intubation).

whole truth about the olive oil

According to reliable sources, the regular use of oliv

e oil helps to improve the regeneration of the stomach lining.In addition, improved intestinal motility and stool stabilized.Therefore, efficient use of oil for constipation, because it has a mild laxative effect.In case of irritation of the mucous membrane of the stomach olive oil envelops her, creating a barrier to chemicals.So, the food entering the body, does not injure the inflamed tissue, and the inflammatory process is inhibited by active substances oil.In fairness it should be noted that most of the therapeutic properties of the oil due to the presence in its composition of a number of nutrients and micronutrients - such as vitamins A, D, E, K., beta-carotene, amino acids, iron, phosphorus, potassium, calciumand much more.In addition, the use of olive oil promotes rapid healing of existing ulcers and preventing their recurrence.

also noted the use of olive oil in geriatric medicine, as it slows down the aging process and inhibits degenerative processes in the body.

is important to remember that olive oil has a pronounced choleretic effect, which is often used in the study of the functions of the gallbladder.

By increasing the body's immune gastritis healing process occurs much faster, and the result lasts a long time.

should remember that olive oil - a herbal medicine, therefore abused its use is not necessary.

As a doctor attributed

fasting is recommended to take a dessert spoon of olive oil for three months and such disease as gastritis or ulcer can be forgotten forever.With regular use, patients reported an overall improvement of health, reduction of pain and improvement of appetite.

In summarizing it can be noted that the "olive therapy" has a detoxifying and soothing effect on the intestines and stomach, as well as the observed wound healing effect and systemic effects on the pancreas and liver.