Reduces toe, what to do?

By Admin | Health Recipes
11 June 2016

Most people many times in my life faced with the fact that they have for unknown reasons on the legs brings the one or the other finger.Someone is not paying attention to it, because this phenomenon usually takes place itself as suddenly as it started.Others are trying to find out the cause of this problem on their own, but often their efforts are futile.Today, we learn why the leg may suddenly reduce finger and that in such cases you need to do.

Why cramped toe?

reasons actually to cramp your toes a lot, but the most common is considered slow blood circulation in the body.People are not so active, so that the blood circulating in the body, as it should be.In addition, congestion occurs in places where there was some violation (bruise, fracture), or inflammation appeared and now the leg around a flattened finger hurts.

When a person has a sedentary job, as for most of us, the blood in the legs circulating at all bad, and gradually reduces not only the individual fingers, numbness begins regular legs

and other body parts.There are also seizures.

Next reason - is, of course, shoes that sometimes does not match the size of his feet.This is the tight shoes or too small.While most people faced with periodic swelling of the legs, and then the shoes, of course, causes inconvenience.As a rule, most suffering one of the toes, and then it starts to reduce.

Maybe your body is suffering from the lack of any substance, and very soon he will fail - already begin to hurt the feet, heart and other organs.

What to do when driving your toes?

Despite the fact that the problem is transient and, in principle, do not worry much, it can hardly be called pleasant.If such things continue, the more any more serious consequences until the numbness of the lower extremities.Therefore it is important to stop all symptoms at an early stage.

  • Try to move more.If the job does not allow it to do, then, when he comes home at night, or early in the morning and usually takes charge.Exercises in this case may be any, as long as his legs have made efforts.You can run, swim, jump and perform any physical activity, most suitable for you personally.
  • Review your diet.You clearly lacking vitamins and some nutritional substances.It would be in such cases is a diet with an experienced professional who will be able to include the right products and the number of a particular person, depending on the individual.
  • Never wear shoes, which feel uncomfortable.

At that moment, when you driving the finger, just take off your shoes and vigorously rub his hand.Well, if there is a handy some warming substances (alcohol, cologne).If the shoe is not possible to remove, then move the foot actively, you can walk, sit or simply trample on the spot.Soon all will pass, and when you consider all the advice, such problems can be avoided altogether.