Red caviar in diabetes

By Admin | Health Recipes
11 June 2016

Diabetes - a disease associated with metabolic disorders, suppression or cessation of production of its own insulin.The result of the disease are irreversible changes in many vital organs and systems.Food in the treatment of diabetes has a primary role on a par with the recreational drug and physical therapy help.Let's see whether it is possible to include in the diet of caviar a diabetic?

benefits of salmon caviar in a diabetic human nutrition:

  • source of protein, and valuable and easily digestible;
  • contains iodine to improve thyroid function;
  • restocking beneficial vitamins and minerals in the body;
  • fills the human need for polyunsaturated omega fatty acids;
  • normalizes metabolism due to the content of folic and pantothenic acid, and riboflavin and amino acids;
  • calcium and phosphorus from the eggs strengthen bones;
  • healthy fats help cardiovascular activity;
  • vitamin A and E have a positive effect on vision;
  • complex securities omega amino acids improves the immune status;
  • vitamin D is necessary for proper mineral and calcium metabolism, which is especially important in diabetes;
  • biologically active substances calves are helping people maintain their health, mood and an attractive appearance.

Disadvantages of red caviar in the diet in diabetes:

  • enough high-calorie food, the use of undesirable for those who suffer from diabetes;
  • high concentration of sodium is dangerous for people with diabetes, because it increases the risk of surges in blood pressure, as well as having a stroke or heart attack;
  • salty foods, which leads to accumulation of fluid in the body and aggravation of atherosclerosis;
  • cholesterol from the membrane and the contents of eggs capable of harm and aggravate the disease, because then it is converted to cholesterol is deposited on the walls of capillaries and blood vessels person with diabetes.

There caviar with diabetes is possible, with great caution and in moderation.Ideal for a diabetic - a miniature snacks based on cucumbers and eggs with a minimum of caviar, garnished with a sprig of green and a bit of natural yoghurt.These dishes are tasty and healthy, and eggs in them should be no more than one spoon.Eat eggs at will, but knowing the measure, and not every day, only you extract from this unique product and the full value of the benefit!