Than to treat a boil in the nose?

By Admin | Health Recipes
11 June 2016

How frustrating when nose person feels discomfort, pain and other unpleasant symptoms.But any discomfort - it is a sign and a clear reason to consult a specialist.As they say, you need to know the enemy's face, which is why the concept will reveal the boil - a purulent inflammatory disease characterized by lesions of the hair follicle.And, then, it boils nose has a specific location, that is only where there is a fibrous cover - on the eve of the nose.

What causes boils?

Usually boil occurs when bacteria gets into the damaged bulb.The cause of the disease is the bacterium staphylococcus.In addition, of particular importance are comorbidities that deplete the body - diabetes, obesity, low immunity, and much more.Also, signs are in "bad habits" pick your nose.Trauma follicle may occur during the removal of hairs from the nose.At this point, one has only to get staphylococcus in a favorable area affected and weakened follicle inflammation is already in full swing.

Than to treat a boil in the nose?

When it comes to small and maloboleznennom inflammation, it runs by itself, the main thing is not to touch the boil, do not squeeze it and do not worry, until he matures.As for generalized swelling, pain and redness, they can cause the patient to the hospital treatment.In this case, it recommended that a course of antibiotics, but when you feel pain, you can use painkillers.At home, apply warm compresses (moisten a towel in warm water, wring out and attach to the nose), which accelerate the aging process boil, and he will reveal soon.

In addition, inflammation of the nose do not need to rub and treat, as it may aggravate the disease.

Tips traditional medicine

necessary to squeeze the juice of garlic or onion and a little drop on the boil.This technique will accelerate the maturation of the abscess, and as soon as the boil opens and out pus, inflammation goes quickly.

Complications boil nose

With the ineffectiveness of conservative treatment resort to surgery.

If you miss the time, can develop into a boil carbuncle that affected several bulbs.This is fraught with complication of cosmetic defects (sticking of the nose), as increasingly suffering the tip of the nose and the edges.

stay healthy and take care of yourself.