Bananas for gastritis

By Admin | Health Recipes
11 June 2016

Gastritis - a disease of the stomach, which is characterized by inflammation of its mucous membrane.In most cases, the disease becomes the result of auto-immune disorders, irritation, or long-term treatment of reflux of some of the drugs.Despite the fact that gastritis - a very unpleasant disease, its symptoms can be mitigated, and the bananas are playing an important role in this process.

Soft care for acute illnesses

To remove or prevent the occurrence of acute pain in the stomach it is necessary that food is gently worked on all the organs of digestion.And bananas - is the best option for patients with gastritis.Bananas are not only easily and quickly absorbed and digested, but also envelop the stomach wall, protecting it from the harmful effects.Doctors recommend eating bananas for 30 minutes before the main meal.This time is sufficient for the creation of "protection" of the stomach wall and mucosa.Thus fruit restoring acid-base balance, but also kills bacteria and microflora recovers.

worth noting that there is his but when it comes to solid food, the bananas are really needed.However, if the disease has already developed, and nausea from eating has become a major feature, the bananas will not help.In this case you need to move to more liquid foods.

In addition, bananas contain tocopherol.This element promotes the formation of new body of the epithelial layer, in particular, on the stomach wall.In the period of acute gastritis, when allowed to eat only boiled or baked food fruits and vegetables, bananas become simply irreplaceable, as it does not require special handling.

Special Features

Everyone knows that bananas have a mild laxative properties, which helps the process of passage of food through the digestive tract, not just speed it up, and making it easier.For this reason, doctors recommend that people eat the fruit is not only a common form of gastritis, but also to those who have adopted the hemorrhagic form of the disease (the digestion is accompanied by bleeding in the stomach).

And the thing is that in the banana includes tryptophan, which, when swallowed is converted into serotonin.The latter in turn has a positive effect on the blood coagulation factor, it is much improved.Because of this bleeding stop quickly or not at all arise.

not forget about vitamins such as A and E, which help to strengthen the walls of blood vessels and of the stomach, preventing bleeding.


experts recommend eating bananas, not only in case of symptoms of the stomach and digestive tract, but also to prevent the emergence of various diseases.

fruit is very useful when you need to restore electrolyte balance, which is the same as the pH balance is disrupted when often repeated vomiting.

Bananas are best to eat before the main meal.

Fresh fruits, including bananas, should be present in the daily diet of the person.