Persimmon gastric ulcer

By Admin | Health Recipes
11 June 2016

With the arrival of winter on the shelves of retail outlets appears persimmon - fruit, berry or rather orange or chocolate brown.The benefits of persimmon proved a long and hard in the winter, it is a rich source of vitamins and the various elements that help strengthen the immune system and just lift your spirits.

Are all so helpful this "sunny" fruit?For example, a persimmon can not people with obesity and diabetes, also called into question by those who have stomach ulcers.

Useful properties of persimmon

They may be due to the presence persimmon whole complex of minerals, vitamins, sucrose, fructose, pectin and tannins (tannins).

Minerals (iodine, magnesium, potassium, iron, phosphorus) having a positive effect on the operation and state of the cardiovascular system, thyroid, gums and veins.Vitamins A, F, C, E reinforce vision inhibit the formation of cancer cells, the immune system and the pressure is stabilized, regenerated skin.

Persimmon and gastric ulcer

In persimmon contains organic ac

ids (malic and citric), but a very small share - 0.2%.For this reason, it is possible to have a sick stomach gastritis with high acidity.But those who have stomach ulcers from this berry to be careful.

way or another, and persimmon - is a fruit, which necessarily presence of cellulose and fibrous connective tissue.These substances, if you look at the food menu stomach ulcer, it is desirable for the patient, because such food is mechanically irritates the mucous membranes, which only aggravates the healing process, but it does not accelerate.Because of the skin and the presence of even a small amount of connective tissue persimmon is not recommended for stomach ulcers.

What persimmons can be eaten

Another thing, if the disease is in the process of healing.In this case, the doctor allow use of persimmon, but not all, but only the best.It should always be ripe, even a little perespevshey (but not rotten), better than dark colors.This differs persimmon sweet, almost honey and mild flavor.It is impossible for patients with stomach ulcer have tart persimmon, as this may cause a relapse.Sweet persimmon - is ripe and dark berries.Furthermore, there is no better persimmon peel, even if it is thin.It must be remembered that the rough fiber can irritate the mucous membrane, which again would nullify all previous treatment.If you bought a persimmon turned viscous, it is possible to freeze or hold a 12-hour warm water that neutralizes the property of tannins that cause viscosity.