Red caviar with pancreatitis

By Admin | Health Recipes
11 June 2016

Red caviar - a delicacy that appeal to many.In addition to excellent taste, it still has a rich and full-bodied structure.For example, the concentrated product is valuable proteins, fats light.There therein lecithin, iron and other minerals.Also in the red caviar contains a huge amount of vitamins, namely A, B, D, E. Contained in delicatessen and polyunsaturated fatty acids.

It would seem that with such a rich part of the product must be shown to use for everybody, but doctors say the opposite.For example, it is absolutely contraindicated in pancreatitis.The reason for this - high content in red caviar salt and cholesterol irrespective of the mode processing.They exist in salt, and canned goods.Both components are extremely negative impact on and so damage and inflammation of the pancreas.

In some cases, as a rule, in patients with chronic advanced stage and the use of red caviar can provoke an attack of stroke and worsening of the disease, in which case the consequences can be dire.

In the case came a long remission, and the patient really wanted this delicacy, doctors are allowed to eat it in a very limited quantity.The maximum dose should not exceed one tartlets, not completely smeared caviar.

A prerequisite for this is that the patient has eaten previously, and only those products that are authorized for use.

Red caviar have to be of high quality and not cooked artisanal.It is advisable not to buy it in cans, and clear glass, where its content perfectly visible.

qualitative product has a thick consistency.Its color can vary from pale pink to deep red.Eggs should not be homogeneous lump.Each of them is even visually be separated from each other.In the event that no such indication, the product is better not to use, not only in pancreatitis, but also from a fully health.Most likely this instance caviar of poor quality and, therefore, will hardly benefit.

In any case, once the patient has used red caviar, he should be given maximum attention to his condition.At the first sign of discomfort should be required to take measures of a medical response.