How useful sauerkraut?

By Admin | Health Recipes
11 June 2016

How and when she appeared at our table no longer remember.Sauerkraut - a familiar attribute of the feast, the traditional procurement, an ingredient in many dishes, a source of nutrients, and so on. D. You can argue endlessly about its origins - from Korea, China or Russia, but the fact remains the same - sauerkraut became a national product.Its taste qualities surely convince everyone, but what is useful sauerkraut know more.

content of nutrients

in sauerkraut contains a wide range of very different vitamins - A, C, K, P, B and very rare vitamin U. It is worth paying attention to the content in cabbage ascorbigen, which subsequently converted into vitamin C. Hereand it is that this vitamin is not only preserved during storage, but also increases.The cabbage

noted potassium content, iodine, iron, calcium, magnesium, sodium, phosphorous, fluorine, silicon, cobalt, copper, zinc, boron, selenium.Choline improves metabolism, normalize lipid processes in the body.Sauerkraut contains a number of valuabl

e amino acids.

to nutritionists

Because of the low calorific value and saturation useful substances sauerkraut refers to a number of pet foods nutritionists.At 100 grams of cabbage about 20 mg of vitamin C. It strengthens the immune system and saves cells from premature aging.And when you consider that the calorie sauerkraut thirty calories per 100 g of the product, it can be perfectly used as a tool for weight loss.

diet of sauerkraut helps reduce the weight of three kilograms.Here is a sample menu.

Breakfast: oatmeal, a piece of corn bread, can be a soya meat, a couple of sprigs of herbs (parsley or celery), a glass of brine from sauerkraut, fruit.

Lunch: any amount of sauerkraut.

Lunch: soup (can be in meat broth) supplemented with pickled cabbage and grated potato, salad of shredded carrots, apple, sauerkraut.You can add the potato pancakes and sauerkraut.

Dinner: 200 grams of boiled or baked fish, braised sauerkraut with beets.

Even if dieting is not enough willpower, you can just eat regularly sauerkraut.A daily intake of at least 2 tablespoons of the product will also reduce the weight, because cabbage contains a sufficient amount of tartronic acid, which does not allow the carbohydrates turn into fat.

Medicinal properties

Many vitamin content makes sauerkraut useful in medicine.Lactic acid bacteria that make cabbage skvashivaetsya, improve bowel function, normalizing its flora and eliminate goiter.Sauerkraut is used to treat gastritis.Its ability to reduce the content of sugar levels in the blood is used in diabetes.

If the brine from sauerkraut mixed with tomato juice, you get a great tool for the regulation of liver function.In addition, pregnant women brine helps to cope with toxemia.In addition, modern scientists have proven content sauerkraut substances that prevent the development of cancer cells.

External application

little non-standard (external) use of sauerkraut is also possible.There are effective prescription anti-aging masks.Enough to put a product on the face or body and wait for half an hour.Then all wash and rinse the skin with cool water.As a result, the skin becomes supple and taut, and the effect persists for a long time.Sauerkraut compresses well help from sinus disease, joint pain, headache.