Brown liquid diet

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11 June 2016

One of the most common medical disease experts call overweight.Given the urgency of the problem, almost every day to invent new techniques, drugs that help to get rid of pesky kilos.Some of these tools are very effective for weight loss.Some are no more than a charlatan reception, by which fraudsters straightforward way of trying to pull money gullible citizens.

Stylish new

More recently went on sale another tool for weight correction, called "the liquid brown."The drug is visually reminiscent of a powdery substance brown.Eat brown liquid diet should be by adding it to any drink or liquid food, such as porridge, soups.

maximum dosage of the drug - not a small spoon a day.According to manufacturers, the best effect is achieved if the product is to use twice a day in equal portions.

Miraculous composition

The annotations to the product indicated that the main active components of the product are:

  • Teofelin.By its nature, it is very similar to caffeine.However, unlike the first component, it does
    not affect the entire body, and solely on muscle mass.
  • theobromine.It helps to burn energy reserves that accumulated body.
  • guaranine.Its composition is also reminiscent of caffeine.However, it is not distributed randomly, but equally.
  • Mix minerals and antioxidants.It helps to cleanse the system of all the accumulated toxins and waste.

According to the developers themselves, the unique composition promises to return a treasured harmony in the shortest time is minimal, but there is no medical evidence that is not.Moreover, the drug has not been tested and approved by the Ministry of Health.Therefore, nutritionists blindly believe advertising is not recommended, because, as you know, unfortunately, not yet invented any generic drug for weight loss, which would be exclusively for their actions without dieting and exercise performance of the unit would give tremendous weight loss results.Do not forget about it.

promising results

However, the manufacturers of the drug advertised after a long and regular intake of promise following effect:

  • activation of all metabolic processes, which in turn contribute to energy consumption and forced the splitting of fat.
  • tool has the ability to increase stamina, and improve immunity.Therefore, it increases the effectiveness of the reception classes physical activity.
  • brown liquid suppresses appetite and promotes rapid saturation of the body, thereby reducing the number of meals.
  • The drug contributes to the rapid excretion of toxins, which are often provoking overweight.
  • Manufacturers promise that the component has a beneficial effect on the heart and blood vessels.

Judging from the summary accompanying the product, the drug only natural.Therefore it means virtually harmless and has a minimum list of contraindications.

be or not to be

Although advertising and entirely positive recommendation not to harm their health before you start to use the tool for the purpose of correction of weight, it is advisable to seek advice from a qualified dietitian or, at least, to the therapist.It was only after the professional recommendations apply this newfangled means.