Which products contain collagen?

By Admin | Health Recipes
10 June 2016

With regret we note that with age a person loses the beauty and health.Leather fades, fades, and the whole body does not work as a young man.Often it is the women, noticing for the first person of unwanted wrinkles, are confused and ask yourself the question - what is wrong with me and what to do?One reason for the decay of the body is the lack of collagen.Over the years, its development is suspended by the body.Namely, the protein responsible for elasticity, freshness and elasticity of our skin.But do not panic.If you set out to, as much as possible to support the vitality and youthfulness of the body, it is necessary, first of all, the deficit of collagen in the body and keep it at the proper level in the future.

it worth while fighting for the beauty of running to the nearest drugstore or beauty salon for the advertised miracle means?Of course, in today's world, the issue is particularly relevant extension of youth and beauty industry is developing in the direction of solving the problem of extendi

ng for years of beauty.But do not forget that certain foods promote the production of collagen in the body.Collagen in food will come to our help in restoring the balance of your collagen, which imperceptibly lost our skin.So let's find out which products contain collagen, which helps our skin to stay in good shape and keep its elasticity.

Keepers collagen

For convenience, we combine foods in small groups.

Fish and seafood

Everybody knows that marine fish, especially salmon - the most popular product, which contains collagen.Despite the fact that it contains a large amount of fatty components, a part of the salmon most popular and effective diet is the most important component of the diet.In addition to the natural content in the product a huge amount of collagen, fish of the salmon family rich in mineral trace elements and various vitamins.If you can not buy it salmon, you can safely replace it with salmon, no less useful and too high in collagen.In addition to fish and also do not forget about seaweed.


from a variety of meat products, prefer turkey meat because as soon as it contains carnosine - is the element that allows the collagen is not destroyed, thus allowing to maintain youthful skin.

vegetables and herbs

It's no secret that fresh vegetables and herbs - a natural storehouse of minerals and vitamins, but, for example, cabbage, lettuce, parsley, fennel, tomatoes and carrots, and more help to assimilate and collagennot to destroy the body.

Fruits and berries

And here will help us accumulate collagen all fruits and berries are rich in vitamin C. The richest in this vitamin blueberry, black currant, orange, persimmon, apricot.

Now we know what our body needs collagen, and in what products it contains, so do not deny yourself the pleasure to eat tasty and thus significantly slow the aging process.