Sauerkraut in diabetes

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10 June 2016

Probably not a man who would not try sauerkraut.Moreover, that such a cabbage tastes good, it also has a number of useful properties, so that you can correct your health.Sauerkraut - a storehouse of vitamins, macronutrients and micronutrients.In its structure there are different groups of vitamins and biotin.In addition, as part of cabbage contain two rare vitaminchiki such as U and K. With the help of vitamin U faster the regeneration of tissues and cells of the stomach and duodenum, which have been damaged, can recover more quickly.

Content sauerkraut in a large set of trace elements and macro elements makes it an indispensable product for those who want to boost your immunity, strengthen the nervous system, increase metabolism.Eating sauerkraut leads to the fact that red blood cells are produced faster and rejuvenates the body, lowers cholesterol and strengthens the heart.

Use sauerkraut in diabetes

Sauerkraut contains a sufficient amount of fiber, but the starch and sucrose in a cabbage in mini

mal doses, that is, the minimum number.Because of this sauerkraut is not only permitted to those who suffer from diabetes, but also recommended for frequent use.Also, doctors believe that because of the salts, which are part of sauerkraut, there alkalization of blood, and at the same time glucose is converted to fructose and assimilation tissue occurs without insulin.From this it can be concluded that frequent consumption of sauerkraut people who have the disease, "diabetes" leads to the fact that the blood sugar level is lowered.

I would like to note that this product is for diabetics - it is a natural source of vitamin C and B vitamins, which help to enhance immunity, minimizing the risk of diseases of the nervous system.Brine also improves the functioning of the pancreas.

recipe sauerkraut

So, and how to cook tasty and healthy sauerkraut?Recipes are so many and each has his own mistress.We will share with the universal recipe.Thanks cooked sauerkraut on this recipe, you can preserve youth, health and beauty for years to come, as well as facilitate the disease diabetes.

shinkuem cabbage, onions chop, chop the garlic in half or take the whole cloves.The container leaven spread a layer of cabbage about 2.5 cm. Compacts.Then put a thin layer of the onion and garlic.Thus alternate stacking up until the edge of the container will remain about 10 cm. The entire contents of the container fill with cool water.Above all spread a couple of cabbage leaves, a piece of cloth, dostochku and oppression.We put in a warm place and leave to ferment for a week.Cole turns hard and crunchy.If you want to make it softer, then just poshinkovat cabbage should be a good mash hands.

In what form it has the most useful?Yes, in any - in the raw, steamed, in salads, as long as you like.

include in your diet sauerkraut and enjoy its taste and health benefits.